Just off the phone with Colorado Magician Scott McCray. He is a very funny guy, and a great magician. He told me that he is interested in become a magician speaker.

Seems like motivational speakers (who do magic) is a hot job.

Cool. It’s fun having a job that even the folks I admire covet. How cool is that?!

The Impossible Happened. I didn’t show up.

I was in Florida speaking to the Air Force and just couldn’t get back. Get this: Two separate flights I was booked on cancelled. They didn’t just get delayed. They cancelled. One after the other.

It just doesn’t happen….well… it isn’t supposed to.

I was supposed to do a speech for the Colorado Information Management Association. But good news… my pal Scott Friedman (a pal and another Colorado based motivational humorist and speaker) was in town, and his heart is made of gold. He happily agreed to cover the job for me. I’m still not back in Denver yet, but from what I understand, he did his usual professional, first class job.

He saved the client. He saved me.

Thanks Scott! It’s wonderful to live in a world where friends can help each other out, help each other’s business out, and generally be on the same team? You think that just because Scott and I are both speakers that we compete against each other? Nope. Think again. We are on the same team.

(Actually, it is even better. Colorado Springs based funny motivational speaker Joseph Mitchelli also called and told me was ready to go. How cool is that?!)

Scott Friedman is a good friend. Like me, he is a Colorado Motivational Humorist Speaker and uses humor to help groups deal with change, morale, and retention and recruitment. He’s funny; and he’s smart.

Scott also has a chapter in my first book, Humor Me: America’s Funniest Humorists on the Power of Laughter.

One of my favorite things about Scott though (and there are many — he’s a good friend) is that he taught me the value of a two dollar bill. It turns out that a $2 bill is worth WAY more than $2. Thanks to Scott, I use them to tip all the time. For the bag check, for the hotel’s housekeeper…. for anybody for whom a couple of bucks might be the ticket.

But here is the brilliance: most people LOVE $2 bills. To them, the value is worth way more than the … well….value.

So next time you need tip somebody… try doing it with a $2 bill and watch the good humor you’ll create.

Thanks Scott!

Colorado Motivational Humorist Speaker

He’s gonna be huge.

Rory Vaden is a young Colorado Motivational Speaker with a huge potential. He is charming, talented, funny, and charismatic. And one day very soon he’s gonna be a top motivational speaker. Promise. His site is Disipline Dynamic.

Recently I worked on a project with Craig Zablocki. He is a very funny Colorado motivational and inspirational speaker. In short, the project was to create some great film to be edited and shown at a National Speakers Association conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

Our plan was to do some man-on-the–street interviews and just see where it led. We did have some ideas, but were eager to try it out and see where it led.

Well, where it led was to hilarity. And I gotta say, Craig was a big part of our success. He had NO qualms about going up to people (with the camera on) and just making up crazy stuff, giving them short (and mock) motivational speeches, and generally trying ANYTHING for a laugh.

Craig is a good guy, and a funny speaker. And I’m glad he’s a good friend. And yup-, Craig is also in my first books, Humor Me: America’s funniest humorists on the Power of Laughter.

Colorado Motivational Speakers

Tim Gard is a funny speaker. Like me, he is a Colorado based motivational humorist and comedian speaker. Like me, he helps folks deal use humor to better deal with the stresses of the business, and the difficulties of everyday life.

Tim is a good pal, and I love his main point. He advices his audiences to try to see the funny in our lives… by tuning into our Comic Visions.

I love that he has put a name to the process.

Tim’s a great humorist witha funny and valuable message. Thanks Tim.

Tim is a co-author of Humor Me: America’s funniest humorists on the Power of Laughter.

Colorado Humorous Motivational Speaker