My idea can help the sponsors achieve these goals in a way that is more powerful than a placard, a note by the door, or a logo or banner behind me while I’m on stage. 

Thanksgiving is coming up and perhaps this gesture just seems like a required bit of business. But I mean it. Thanks to you I’m able to spread my message.

I have always loved magic. In fact, my first ever paying gig was as a 15-year old magician. As a motivational speaker, I often (though not always) work a bit of magic into my performances every so often. And if I am really lucky, a client will hire me specifically to do a magic routine.

During my travels as a professional motivational speaker, I get to meet people from all walks of life.  And often times I find pearls of wisdom from the most unlikely sources.

Third graders love to be told they are doing a good job. They love it when you tell them they did that math problem perfectly, or that their coloring is looking awesome.

Who doesn’t love that kind of feeling? As we age, we still maintain that basic desire for acknowledgement. But for some reason, the frequency in which we receive that kind of acknowledgment and encouragement diminishes. But we STILL thrive on those types of compliments.

Here are three sure fire, based-in-science, and crazy-simple ways to turn a bad day into a good day, and to morph a good day in to a great day.   

My job as an insurance speaker was to reinforce and reiterate their strong and positive culture, while also firing them up with a bit of passion, meaningfulness, and purpose.

Most of us have heard the theory that it takes 21 days to develop a habit. But in reality, it takes more than 21 days to create consistency for those things we really DON’T want to do. So, how can you motivate yourself to get beyond those 21 days to generate more positivity in your life?

motivational speaker


Sure you can.


Selected Posts from Brad’s Past

We found a few posts, videos and stories from Brad’s past, and thought it would be fun to re-publish them here.  So pour yourself a cup of coffee, put on some classic rock, and check out this classic blog post from a decade (ish) ago.  


What we mean is that you might consider your budget. Your people will remember the killer awesome funny motivational speaker long after they have forgotten the slightly better chicken dish, the upgraded center pieces, and the fact that they got a brownie instead of a cookie.
Seriously, I’ve been amazed at how many conventions can’t afford a top speaker but instead allocate their money towards stuff their attendees will never remember. Do you want this year’s meeting to rock? Reconsider how you allocate your budget.

Second, Brad works closely with corporate sponsors and has many ideas how to both provide value for sponsors — and in turn get those sponsors to open their wallets and help you to afford the top speaker instead of second tier speaker. Want to learn more about sponsorship and how we can help you with that process? Contact us. We’d be happy to chat and share some great success stories and resources.