Today I got the coolest letter from the Chief Nursing Officer at the healthcare speakerhospital I spoke to last week:

Hi Brad,

I just wanted to thank you so much for your uplifting, inspirational and FUN presentation. We are ALL still smiling. I have received nothing but positive feedback about what a great experience it was to spend two hours with you. Most importantly, you left us with words to live by. Hopi Moore, one of the nurses you met after your presentation, promotes a kindness campaign by sending positive emails to all hospital employees. Today she sent the following:

Find Happy
Pick Happy
Lead Happy
Act Happy
~ Brad Montgomery

We all get to make the choice…….. choose HAPPY!

Thank you so much for choosing to “Lead Happy!”

(Name withheld for privacy)

Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer
Longmont United Hospital

What drives you? What drives me are letters like this one. Thanks so much LUH.

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Brad Montgomery
Motivational Speaker, Healthcare Speaker, Fan Of Letters.

I love my job as a motivational speaker, and I love all of my clients. But I have to confess that some clients are more fun than others. Such was the case when I was a speaker in Texas for a very dynamic and forward-thinking company who was holding their annual meeting.

The CEO asked me to make sure that my presentation was not only motivating, but high-energy, and had experiences incorporated into the program. It had to be more than just a talking head; it had to be fun, involved, and an experience from which they would learn.

So I decided to create a flash mob by them and for them. We took a few of their top salespeople out of their room and tricked them; the details aren’t important but the bottom line is that they had no idea why they were leaving the room.

When they returned and came to the stage with me, the audience made up of their peers erupted into a flash mob! It was extremely cool. The surprise on these top sales people’s faces was echoed by the excitement and joy from their peers while they delivered this surprise dance.

One of the things that I liked best about this flash mob was that the audience flash mob for hirethemselves are surprised. They cannot believe that they are actually doing this crazy flash mob, and they can’t believe that they are fooling some of their peers. And that joy translates into energy, fun, and… A powerful learning point about the power of levity, lightheartedness, humor, and fun in the workplace.

Why do you need to hire a flash mob from a flash mob company? Call us and we’ll talk you through how it works, how we can incorporate a flash mob at your meeting or convention, and how we can take your group from a low energy group of workers to a high energy team of top performers!

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See this flash mob for hire on youtube.

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Many of you who have been following my motivational speakers blog know that I have flash mob for meetingsbeen creating instant flash mobs for my corporate, association, and government audiences. It’s a high-energy, high-volume, and very original hands-on experience that helps my audiences to fully understand my happiness at work theories and strategies.

I will be releasing a fully edited and slick preview video of this corporate flash mob soon. But for now feast your eyes on this audience that surprised themselves most of all, as they pumped their top leaders.

They had some of their top performers stepped out of the room under a guise; a trick. and when those same people came in and the audience got up to dance, the audience had a blast, and those top leaders were absolutely freaked out in all of the best ways.

Check out this video, which although it is not high-quality and was taken with a cell phone, it shows the energy, excitement, and full interaction of this meeting.

It’s one thing to talk about happiness at work.  It’s a whole other thing to create an experience that demonstrates a powerful message, and then connect that experience to your people’s work, their lives, and their problems.

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Flash Mob for Hire Dude, Motivational Speaker, Dancer!

Flash Mob for Corporate Meetings Sample On YouTube
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As a motivational speaker I speak before hundreds or thousands Employee Engagement Statistics-resized-600of people every month. I love my job and feel very lucky to be part of that much laughter.

One of the best side effects of my job is that it is nearly impossible to tell other people to lighten up, be happy, and use levity and humor as a tool, and not have some of that spin back to me. For example, can you imagine telling thousands of people to lighten up and take themselves less seriously, and then yelling at the flight attendant? Neither can I, so I never do, and that’s part of what I love about my job.  I’m a professional Nice Guy!

Every now and then, I get a very special gift. I receive a letter from somebody in my audience. I suspect it is like the elementary school teacher who wonders if he or she makes any difference at all, and then some lanky 16 year old kid comes back to say thanks for inspiring him to read or to investigate fossils, or some other important nugget.

The elementary school teacher probably just melts in her shoes.  What a gift!  A simple thank you.

Such was the case when I got this amazing letter from someone who was part of a company I worked for in Texas.  This company was so unusual, sofunny motivational speakers purposeful in their pursuit of ways to make work fun and interesting.  Generally my job is to help companies or organizations see the importance of happiness and fun at work, and how that happiness can directly relate to better bottom line results.  But in this case I was preaching to the choir.  This was a company filled with people who already knew how to have fun at work.  They had it down!  It might sound trite or cliché but I learned as much from them as they learned from me. It was an honor.

Here’s the letter. It made me feel good and very happy to receive.

Hi Brad,

Im sure you get this all the time but from what I could tell of your personality Im sure it never gets old for you so….

I just wanted to say Thank You for coming to talk to us and let you know how much not only I, but our entire company, enjoyed your presentation.  I can walk down the hallway and still hear people talking about it and laughing.  You have given us a sense of rejuvenation by showing us how to accept happiness in our work and it has already started to translate into a healthier environment.  You have been given a gift, and I wish the very best for you in your business and life endeavors, because I know now how much joy you can bring to peoples’ lives.  Take care and I hope we meet again sometime down the road.  If nothing else, at least you have over a hundred new friends that can help you if you ever need an AC Drive–HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!  :)

Johnnie S.
Last name and company withheld.
Dallas, Texas

Johnnie, you absolutely made my day. Thanks for taking time out of your life to lift other people up – in this case me.

And that’s my point:  Johnnie is a good role model. Who can you compliment or thank today that will make them feel as good as Johnnie made me feel?  Thankfulness is a powerful tool and an awesome motivator.  It works on both the giver and the receiver.

So share some thankfulness and motivation today.  Start what I call a Joy Loop, and get back as much good feelings as you give.  It worked for me!

If you or your organization needs a boost and a reminder about the power of happiness at work, or is looking for a funny motivational speaker who can both motivate and entertain. I hope you’ll give us a call.

Here’s a short video clip of the flash mob we did with Johnnie and his organization there in Texas. Can you believe we did a flash mob for a corporate outing? Look at their faces and tell me you don’t want that for your group. :-)

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Brad Montgomery
Motivational Speaker, Texas Speaker, Totally Flattered Dude!

That’s just it. You don’t have to; you can have both.Flash mob for hire

I’ve been a funny motivational speaker for 25 years and I’ve done a bunch of crazy stuff to get my audiences engaged, energized and ready to learn.

But lately I’ve been playing with Flash Mobs… “Instantly” turning the audience into a choreographed, awesome dance mob that surprises a tiny percentage of the audience.

In this case, we took some of the top sales people from this organization and punked them. The audience was buzzing with excitement as they quickly learned the dance. And they were psyched up for the anticipation of fooling and absolutely surprising their sales guys.

Who needs to hire a flash mob company? Just call our office and let us walk you through the process of arranging a flash mob for your organization.

Most clients who hire me to be a motivational speaker are eager to hear about this added-value service. It’s a no brainer (which I think might be a fancy speaker term, but I’m not sure.) What I do know is that if you’re ready to take your meeting or convention to the next level; if you’re ready to make your group WANT to learn; if you want your people sending video and text home (and to their offices) bragging about how much fun they are having at your meeting; if you want to create an environment where people are creative, innovative and ready for change….then you need a Flash Mob with Brad-iTude!

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Brad Montgomery
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Flash Mob for Hire at a Florida Meeting
Flash Mob Company for hire at a Texas Event. (Not a company…it’s BRAD!)
Huge Corporate Flash Mob at an event in Indiana
Book a large corporate flash mob in in Florida (2!)
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Flash Mob Blog Post:

What would it mean to you and your audience to inject more energy, surprise, and enthusiasm into your meeting or convention?  What would it mean to you and your mehire a flash mob companyeting if your audience couldn’t WAIT to start the learning?  What if your audience was sending photos and videos BACK to their co-workers bragging about what they are doing?

It would mean that your hum-drum meeting would be a wild success.  And I have just the thing for you:  a flash mob created INSTANTLY just for you and your organization.


It’s new.  It’s fun.  It’s high-energy.  It’s interactive and hands-on.  And it will move your meeting or convention up to an “11.”   (Who knows what that movie is from?)

Ready to hire a flash mob for your event?  Who needs a flash mob company?  Hire funny motivational speaker (and happiness expert) Brad Montgomery to make it happen for you and your team.  Trust me…this experience will be remembered and talked about LONG after the meeting is over.

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Yours for VERY fun corporate meetings,
Brad Montgomery
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More Flash Mob Videos For Hire from Bradflash mob from Brad Montgomery
Brad’s Main Flash Mob Video
Flash Mob for Hire at a Florida Meeting
Flash Mob Company for hire at a Texas Event. (Not a company…it’s BRAD!)
Huge Corporate Flash Mob at an event in Indiana
Book a large corporate flash mob in in Florida (2!)
Flash Mob Edit on YouTube
Flash Mob Blog Post:

I’m just recently back from doing my motivational speaker thing for the lunch ladies of New York state.  Yeah, they had a fancier name for their association, but heck, they apparently love the name Lunch Ladies.  (Which was especially funny because there are plenty of dude “lunch ladies.”)

They were fun. We laughed. We cried*. We danced.     *Kidding, we didn’t cry.  But yes, we danced.

Check out the evaluations they sent….Yippee!  They had as much fun as I did.

….Yes, I’ll send a letter of recommendation. But I can do better than that- I just received the attendee’s comments from Carol in Albany, and will pass those along for you to use as we are VERY SATISFIED customers!!

Here we go:

Motivational speaker Brad Montgomery was EXCELLENT!!”

“Saturday morning with Brad Montgomery was the best part of the Conference!”

“Very good- Great speaker- Brad Montgomery!!”

“GREAT Conference- Brad Montgomery was WONDERFUL!!”

“Blowing Things Up with Brad Montgomery was my favorite program at Conference- VERY motivating!!”

“#1 favorite program was definitely Brad Montgomery’s General Session!”

“Brad Montgomery delivered an excellent custom-made message to us, using good old fashioned clean, intelligent HUMOR!”

“It was so much fun to listen to (and participate!!) with Brad Montgomery. He is not your typical, (sometimes boring) Conference speaker!!”

So… needless to say, we were so happy YOU were able to join us and contribute so much to our NYSNA Conference 2012 in Niagara Falls!!!

THANK YOU again, Brad-
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Think that being calm is over rated?  With all the search for tranquility, hunting for your Zen, and looking for peace and quiet, is there anybody out there with concrete ideas about how to act on the way to our happy place?   How do we appear calm when we are not?

The Chicago Tribune writer Heidi Stevens called and asked me for some tips for How to Fake Being Calm.  I was thrilled when they published my article.  They wanted  tips for appearing cool, calm and collected, even as our hearts and minds are racing.  It was fun to write, and (with permission) here it is for you.

1. Find something to do with your hands.  When we’re freaked out, we don’t eat, tie our shoes, or sharpen our pencils.   We cease to do pedestrian things tasks.  Therefore, if you want to fake being calm, look for something boring to do.    As a professional speaker, my clients often are shocked to see me eat before a speech.  They think, “Look at him!  He’s as cool as a cucumber — he’s eating pot roast!”  Next time you need to fake calm, let them see you casually do something boring.

2. Ask questions about the boring details.  If somebody asks you to jump out of the plane and you want to appear calm, ask them about inconsequential details.  “What color is the plane?”  “Is there a beverage on the flight?”  “Is Larry still flying for that outfit?”  When you go for the details instead of shouting, “But I could kill myself!”  or “How do I know the parachute will work?” they’ll never know you’re a faker.

3. Use the cliche and you won’t need to fake it: “Will this event matter in five years?”   The answer is nearly always, “no.”   Next time you’re craving some calm, ask yourself about the long-term consequences of whatever is bothering you and there’s a decent chance that you won’t even need to fake finding your inner Zen.

4. Sometimes we need time to hide before we can be good fakers. Next time you’re faced with something alarming, excuse yourself with some casual phrase like, “Oh, that sounds fascinating!   But can you give me the details after I use the restroom?”  Hide in the restroom, get yourself together, and come out ready to fake serenity.

5. Ask the question, “What did you learn from that?”  When presented with a crisis, casually ask the messenger this question and let them talk.  And they will.  Give knowing nods and casual,  “Hmmms” while they go on and on.  While they are talking, you’ll appear calm while you figure out a way to be calm.

6. Ask yourself, WWYD?   What would Yoda do?  This works for two reasons — has anybody been cooler under duress than that little green dude?   Learn from your inner Jedi and copy the Master.  Second, it’s such a silly concept — using a puppet as a role model — it can’t but help deliver perspective to whatever seems like a calamity.   Act calm…. it is your destiny!


Brad Montgomery is a funny motivational speaker and who makes business meetings less boring .  Learn more about how he fakes calm at

Thanks Tribune.  It was fun being part of your team, even for just that issue.

Do you need a motivational speaker for your event and are freaking out?  No need to fake calm;  just contact us here and we’ll help make your meeting a success.

Brad Montgomery
Calm Faker, Motivational Speaker, Speaker about Stress at Work, Fan of the Chicago Tribune


I love being a speaker.  But sometimes being a Colorado speaker is exactly what the doctor orders.  No trip through Denver International, I get to  hve dinner with my wife and kids, and best of all, I learn from some of the coolest local foks my home state has to offer.

Check out this recent video of a program I did from some cool government folks up in the Colorado Rocky Mountains:


For you folks who prefer to read, here’s the transcript to the video:

We often forget to laugh. We are overstressed and sometimes you are in that cycle where you are going, “I have so much to do. I can’t meet all the community demands” and this recognizes that we really do accomplish an enormous amount every day and it’s because of our kind hearts, our dedicated team and Brad helped elevate that energy and reminds us to laugh throughout the day, to recognize that we have a choice in the happiness and gave us some trigger points that we can institute this into our culture.

Hey it’s Brad Montgomery from I just was a motivational speaker for Eagle County, Colorado for the Health & Human Services. Oh, it was a blast; really great people doing hard work. They are underappreciated. They are overworked, they are under everything yet they’ve got one of the most important jobs in their county and it was just an absolute pleasure to be part of their team. Actually the feedback was pretty good so check it out. Thanks.

Brad Montgomery – A Humorist and Motivational Speaker Who Will Bring Laughter To Your Organization

“For this meeting we brought in Brad Montgomery, a humorist and motivational speaker. He made us laugh, he made us recognize the great work that we do every day that serves our community at large and gave thanks to our great team members for their passion, excitement, dedication and commitment to community. I encourage all government agencies, especially Health & Human Services with the demanding stress loads and diminishing resources to bring Brad Montgomery in to really help raise the energy, remind us to laugh and recognize the great work that our team does every day.”

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Speaker, Humorist, Seminar Leader

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