Well, I’ve moved my family down to Mexico for a year. A working sabbatical. Only with more beer. Here’s the first of many videos about the journey. : )

We’ve been down here a month….not yet in a routine yet, but getting there.

Hey clients! Don’t freak out… I’m still working! I’ve already flown to the States twice (and am in fact writing this post from North Carolina.) Oddly — and wonderfully — it’s as cheap or cheaper to fly from here as it is from Colorado. So…don’t fret… I’ll be there. : )

Why the trip? Why Mexico? Why the whole family? I’m currently living in Mexico.

Mexican School Shoes

We brought our kids to Mexico for the school year.. We live in a Mexican town, and put the kids in a Mexican school. (Spanish speaking, of course.)

We’re in search of adventure, perspective, and language skills. I speak to my audiences so often as a motivational speaker I thought it was about time that I put myself through some drastic change myself. We found plenty: new culture, new language, new school, new house. New everything. Lot’s of change

We’re all learning Spanish. The kids are learning faster than we are, which is sort of funny.

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For you non-video types, here is the transcript of the video:
Brad Montgomery from with episode 1 of Brad and Kim take their family to Mexico.

So we’re on the way to Mexico and we’re at the coolest place, which I think, I hope, is a metaphor for the whole trip. So Kim and I were lost, we missed our exit, we were tense, and then suddenly we’re lost and we’re looking for a place to pee and guess what we found? We found this place out; we’re in a place called Santa Rosa. Since we’re studying Spanish, we call it Santa Rosa, New Mexico, and we found this cool little lake. So we jumped out, we all put our suits on, we jumped in the water, we’re swimming, we’re laughing, we’re playing, everyone feels good again. We got some exercise, it’s all happy.

What’s the point? I think that the point is is that by taking the risks and giving ourselves a chance to get lost we ended up finding something that we never would have expected to find. I doubt we could find it again. Yet, it’s totally, wildly cool.

So, that’s going to be, I hope, the metaphor for us. What other risks can we take? Getting lost probably will work out great. Good day, so it works out great.

What are you doing to get lost and take some risks on purpose? Take care, see you next time.

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