Happiness in Detroit:  Lessons from a Shuttle Bus Driver

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Happiness in Detroit:  Motivational Speaker or Bus Driver?

I recently came across this old video of mine and was pleasantly surprised to see that the message I am currently delivering to audiences also rings true in this video. With happiness as a backdrop, anything is possible.  When people make kindness and caring a priority, their lives become better.

The Zen Bus Driver of Happiness

In the video clip I talk about a bus driver I met while doing a gig in Detroit.  She owned her job as a shuttle bus driver and made it her mission to offer those riding her bus a dose of kindness and respect.  Her efforts certainly went a long way with me.  And no doubt made an impact for her company as well.

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Finding the Friendliness Groove

The mission of service was her game.  She truly found happiness in going the extra mile for those riding her bus, those that probably didn’t want to be there and that were probably a bit cranky at the onset.   This woman found her friendliness groove and made her own job better, her own life better.

What Happens With Happiness at the Forefront?

Frequently in American culture, we don’t live our lives with happiness at the forefront.  But what happens when we shift gears and make happiness a priority and mission instead of an occasional forced behavior? A lot. Happiness pays off in ways that make our lives better on multiple levels.

Getting to Positivity

When we invest in others like the shuttle bus driver did, our own happiness increases exponentially.  Happy people are more productive at work and suffer less burnout, they tend to be healthier and more successful in their relationships. Not a bad payoff for a shift in attitude.  And also something that anyone is capable of achieving.

Have you ever come across someone extraordinary that made it their mission to make customers happy? Share your comments below. Visit BradMontgomery.com to find out more about booking Brad as a motivational speaker.  

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Biography of a Motivational Speaker

Brad Montgomery has been presenting funny business keynotes to clients from coast to coast for more than 30 years.  His current program, Embrace Your Awesomeness, has been his most well received to date.  In his interactive keynote addresses, Brad teaches audience members to strategically use the skills they already have to improve themselves, their families and their organizations.  Visit BradMontgomery.com to learn more about Brad.

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