Brad’s Halloween Magic Trick

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Happy Halloween! It’s magic time because it’s Halloween time.  So for something different, I have a VERY short (but totally cool) magic trick for you. I have always loved magic. In fact, my first ever paying gig was as a 15-year old magician.  As a motivational speaker, I often (though not always) work a bit of magic into my performances every so often.  And if I am really lucky, a client will hire me specifically to do a magic routine.  Why is magic so fun? Not positive. But for me it’s all about connection.  It’s just a tool for me to connect with audiences.  A fun way to share an experience.  

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Why is magic so fun? Not positive. But for me it’s all about connection. It’s just a tool for me to connect with audiences. A fun way to share an experience.  My Favorite Job? I adore the clients who have me keynote in the daytime, and have me stay to do magic and comedy as entertainment that night. At the Gala. At the Awards Banquet. You get it….I love it.It’s so fun to meet the client earlier, and then come back without any agenda, any wisdom, or any training. Instead we laugh, we get involved, and we celebrate our lives with a 45 or 60 minute vacation brought to you through my magic and comedy show. Call for details about how we could do this Double Dip for you. (Power hint: Clients love having me do both a keynote AND the after dinner show because they save.  A bundle.)

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Biography of a Motivational Speaker

Brad Montgomery has been wowing audiences as a corporate magician and comedian for decades.  His ever changing magic routines are a great complement to his funny keynotes. Bring a bit of magic to your next meeting or event by booking Brad. 

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