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Brad’s Goodies

Brad’s Goodies

You made it!  You must have done something awesome to get here.  Well done!

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I’m sometimes asked (by especially awesome people) how they can help me?  Golly, so glad you asked!  Here are three doozies:

  1.  Visit me on Facebook and “like” my page.   It’s helpful.
  2. Tweet me!  Gosh, that’d be great.  Click here to Tweet about me.
  3. Tell a friend about me.  Who do you know who could use a speaker like me?  For extra credit tell us about your friend  by sending us an email here.
  4. Visit my Youtube Channel and “subscribe” & “Like” the videos.   Super helpful.

Brad Montgomery is a motivational keynote speaker who speaks to the people side of business.  He works for a diverse range of clients on how to be better…and how to make the people around you better.  (Oh…and he makes this concept very fun and funny.)  

If you are looking for a speaker to open or close your conference, or to give your audience a boost, call us to chat about costuming an event for your team and audience.   Give him a call at 303.691.0726 to bring him to your meeting or convention.  

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