Canned Speaker? Your Audience will Hate You

Three things you MUST look for when picking a speaker.

What to look for in Demo Videos when picking a speaker?

1.  Make sure your speaker doesn’t look “canned” or memorized.

2.  Funny?  Amusing or ACTUALLY funny?

3.  Check out YouTube to make sure your speaker has been at it a long time.  Here’s Brad’s channel.

Give me a call and let’s get make sure we get your meeting or event to where it should be.  Besides….it’s gonna be a blast.

Motivational Magician Speaker
brad montgomery live


Thanks!   I hope you check out my demo video, and if you have questions give us a call.  We’d love to answer your questions, large or small, about how to pick the best motivational speaker for your event or meeting.  I’d love to be on your team.  Contact my office and we’ll talk about how to make your meeting absolutely rock.


Brad Montgomery is a motivational keynote speaker who speaks on the people side of business.  Bring him in to kick off your meeting, ramp it back up in the middle, or close it with a bang.