Brad Staying In Touch (New Topic)

Brad’s Excited About This New Topic

I’m stoked about my new topic It’s called Embrace Your Awesomeness, and I’m excited to release it to the world.

Check out the 87 second video here:

Embrace Your Awesomeness helps your people know …

1.  They are important

2.   What they do matters.

3.  They have more influence to change things for the better than they think.

In other words, they are AWESOME.

Here’s more info on the motivational keynote.

Give me a call and let’s get make sure we get your meeting or event to where it should be.  Besides….it’s gonna be a blast.


PS  We’d make a great team!  Contact my office and we’ll talk about how to make your meeting absolutely rock.


Brad Montgomery is a very funny motivational keynote speaker — who has a core belief:  everybody is awesome.  And it’s our job to help them unlock their potential in their own way.  Give us a call to start the process of getting your people to where they need to be. 

Actual Happy Audience!

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