Who is this Motivational Speaker?

Brad is a motivational speaker who presents funny business keynotes for corporate, association and government audiences. His message helps connect engagement, passion, and meaningfulness to increases in revenue, better leadership, and graceful change management.  He believes your people need more than just a “show” and  “flash of motivation.”  Brad believes your people need to leave with concrete strategies and take aways to help them make sense of what they know, the changes they are faced with, and the people they work and partner with. Looking for a funny speaker with a bottom line message for improvement?  You’ve found him; Brad Montgomery is a motivational speaker who will help your people make concrete improvements.


Why This Motivational Speaker?

Because you can’t risk mediocre conference speakers.

Increased Employee Engagement Leads to:

• Increased Productivity
• Increased Revenue
• Decreased Waste
• Increased Profits
• Stronger Leaders
• Greater Retention / Lower Turn-over
• Better Customer Service
• Better Morale

And how can Brad Montgomery help your team be more engaged?  (So glad you asked!)  He’ll help your people …

• Increase Buy-in & Ownership
• Increase Sense of Purpose
• Increase Meaningfulness
• Increase Their Passion
• Help Them to Motivate Themselves.

When your people are engaged & take ownership, most of the business metrics leaders fret over improve. Engaged organizations — and individuals—  are stronger, more profitable and more productive. People and organizations who strategically invest in engagement rule. Not convinced? Just ask the folks at Zappos, Harvard, and BradMontgomery.com

Now is the time to invest in your people. Now is the time for this Hall of Fame Speaker to help you and your organization.Because You Don’t Want A Canned & Tired Speaker

Your Audience Craves Something Fresh, Authentic and Genuine

Brad is a top motivational speaker who also happens to be a very deep thinker about how to get your organization where it needs to be. Oh yeah, did we mention he’s funny? Very funny.

You need a hit!  Brad is a Risk-Free Guaranteed Keynote Speaker

Brad’s been at this game a long time. He’s in the Speaker Hall of Fame.  (Yes, we know you haven’t heard about it; but it’s a big deal and should set your mind at ease.) He is absolutely, totally guaranteed. (No, we aren’t kidding.)

He’s got the client list, testimonials, references and the experience to back it up.  He knows you can’t afford anything less than fantastic.  He won’t let you down.

He knows how to hold the conference audience in the palm of his hand. He knows how to use humor and stories to engage them and make his message stick. He isn’t an entertainer, but he knows your motivational speaker needs to be funny in order for them to REALLY listen.

He’s a business speaker who is REALLY great at connecting to and engaging your audience.  He’ll make YOU look good.

If you need one of the top motivational speakers;  somebody who is sure-fire and totally authentic — Just Book Brad.

Funny Motivational Speakers? Why?

Because you want them to listen.

This keynote speaker believes people learn best when they are laughing.  (And if they are bored and checking their phone they don’t learn … well… anything!)

He also believes your audience is craving more than information (though they want to learn.)  He uses stories, humor, and interactivity because he believes your people both understand and feel his message.  When they “feel it” they “get it.”  The experience is stronger.

Not Just A Motivational Speaker

Brad is Committed to Help Make Your Entire Event a Success

Most of our clients ask him to “Brad-ize” their conference.  (Yeah, we made that word up.)  In addition the keynote, Brad will be a master of ceremonies. He’ll add team building and networking sessions. He’ll work with your leadership and do breakouts & concurrents.  We call him a “Meeting Energizer” which means he works with you to make sure your people (and your internal customers) are absolutely thrilled.

Brad’s a top keynote speaker for ALL audiences, but he’s especially popular in certain industries– Healthcare Speaker, Real Estate Speaker, & Education Speaker.

Contact us today for a free consultation and we’ll talk about how to work together to make your meeting rock!