Brad Interviews Motivational Speaker Jason Hewlett

BRAD INTERVIEWS Motivational Speaker Jason Hewlett

One of the best things about being a motivational speaker, is being able to be pals with other motivational speakers.  I learned long ago, that these people are my “tribe.” And if that’s true, Jason is a brother.

Jason is just one of those guys that everybody like.  And I don’t mind telling you that we have a bond.  We have similar perspectives on life, family, and on the art and craft of being professional keynote speakers.

Oh, and did I tell you he’s a very funny fellow?

Thanks Jason for being my guest.  I loved recording this video and hope folks enjoy watching it.

(This video is from the archive.  I found it and wanted to share even though it was recorded a a while ago.)

Brad Interviews Motivational Speaker Jason Hewlett
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