Brad Interviews Motivational Speaker Christine Cashen

BRAD INTERVIEWS Motivational Speaker Christine Cashen

Christine Cashen is a very funny motivational speaker.  She has been a top keynote speaker for long enough to be extremely good at it.  And she happens to be a close buddy.

In this Live Stream I ask her about motivation in during a pandemic. How is she staying sane?  How is she motivating others? And does she miss live audiences as much as I do?

Christine Is An Amazing Speaker

I’ll always have a special bond with Christine because we were both inducted into the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame on the same night.  So she is my sister.

One of the many things that is so nice about being a motivational speaker is that I get to be friends with some amazing people. Enter Christine.

She is a rock star in front of audiences.  I know…I’ve followed her to clients to look at me sadly and ask, “Do you think you can follow Christine?” They love her.  She is crazy funny.  She never uses PowerPoint…which her clients love and sometimes makes me jealous.  She’s an amazing story teller.  He is more positive and upbeat than 99% of all other humans.  And she comes up with some stuff that is SOOO flipping clever that I just wonder how her amazing brain works.

This was a fun video to record.  And I had fun re-watching it.  I hope yo do too.

Brad Interviews Motivational Speaker Christine Cashen

Biography of a Motivational Speaker

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