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Brad Interviews Motivational Speaker Chad Hymas

BRAD INTERVIEWS Motivational Speaker Chad Hymas

Brad interviews close friend, and rock star motivational speaker Chad Hymas.

Brad Montgomery on Stage as a motivational speaker

A Brad LIVE With Chad HYMAS

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Chad Hymas is a rock star motivational speaker.  I love this guy.  And if you want to know a secret, I don’t know anybody who can speak and connect as well as Chad can.  Heck, I’d cross town to hear this guy read a grocery list.

So what do I like so much about Chad?  Besides the fact that he might be one of the nicest guys on the planet, and besides the fact that he is crazy generous and a great giver, he is just one of the best.

When it comes to keynote speaking, some speakers have a lot of skill.  But sometimes their techniques and skills are too evident.  They look like they are trying. They look like they’ve studied.

Chad is different. Yes he has skills and techniques.  Yes he is a master.  But what I love most about watching this guy work is the fact that he is such a natural.

When we hear about authentic or natural speakers, it’s a thing that isn’t easy to do.  But Chad is the real deal in all of the best ways.

Thanks Chad for joining me.

NOTE:  This video was recorded a while back, but I loved it and wanted to share it here.

Biography of a Motivational Speaker

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