This is the nicest note I’ve got in a long time:

Based on your seminar when I start thinking what’s next,  I now say “How cool is that?”.    Something new is cool.

Knowing in 2 months I will no longer have a job was stressful but now I am trying to think of it as another way to Pick Happy and Act Happy instead of sad. Someone actually said to me I seem happy instead of stressed out like I was. It’s the Brad effect!!!!!

Your seminar was the best thing at the worst time. You wanted us to tell you one thing we did differently based on the time we were together, I think this is a good one.
— Grace (name witheld.)  Manager Medical Management   Unicare Insurance

It’s weird.  My wife and I have had such a tough time with foster kids (hang with me — I know it seems unrelated.)  We had two very cute, very troubled girls for a month.  It was a ton of work, a ton of pain, and some VERY occasional joy.   And then they were suddenly snatched back  into The System.  Back to their family;   to a place that makes us worry about them.  It stunned us.  We felt like we had so much more love to give and so much more to teach.  But they were gone.   How could we effect any change in just a month?

And then, that very same day, I got this letter from Grace.  It absolutely made my day.

Thanks for restoring just a tiny bit of faith, Grace.   I’m thrilled you’re on the right track.  As for me?  You absolutely made my day.   I’m calling it the Grace Effect.

Thanks Peeps!

— Brad Montgomery
Motivational Speaker, Health Care Speaker, Fan of Grace!

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  1. Fred E. Miller
    Fred E. Miller says:

    We all have to make choices all the time.

    All we can do is go forward.

    Learn from the past, but go forward.

    Thanks for the post!

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