Audio Visual Requirements: How to Get the Most Bang For Your Buck!

Brad isn’t trying to make this complicated for you, which is why he has this information for you. He takes pride in being an “uncomplicated speaker” – or if you want, feel free to hire a speaker who requires their clients to buy extra equipment and have a huge stage production. Or, in simple terms, Brad is very easy to work with. None of Brad’s AV requirements will surprise your AV Crew.

If you would like to download a copy of Brad’s Audio Visual Requirements, please click here.

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Brad’s AV Requirements are as follows:

Note: The main idea is that Brad must be easy to see and hear. Excellent sound and lighting will help you to the get the most “Bang for your Buck.” It is nearly this simple: the better the lights and sound, the better the program. These details can — and will — make the difference between a standing ovation and a complete flop. Please call us if you have any questions, or if there is anything we can do to help make this event a success.

*Location of Technology
Please arrange for Brad to be able to plug in his computer and iPod next to the stage. The very best location is on sturdy computer table directly in front of the stage. It will be by Brad’s feet…he can see it and operate it when needed. Running the computer and the iPod from the sound desk in back of the room doesn’t work for Brad. (He makes changes sometimes right up to — and during — the program.)

*Computer Projector PowerPoint/ LCD projector for Brad’s laptop. (Brad has a Mac, and will bring
the correct adaptors.) Brad will need sound from the computer too. Brad’s slides are formatted 4:3 (not 16:9) [Yes, we know that means there will be black boxes on both sides.]

•Three sound sources for Brad. (Plus whatever you need to introduce me.)
1. Voice. Wireless lavalier. Countryman heads are great but not required. Brad sometimes brings his own head to plug into your mic. and tends to shake them off if they are not taped. (Please have extra batteries available.)
2. Computer Sound Out
3. iPod Sound Out. (He’ll use a very cool app which he’ll control via bluetooth from the stage.

*AC power
• Brad will need power for his computer.

*Lights: Much of what Brad does is visual. Light the stage well so they can see his face VERY clearly.
General banquet room lights sometimes are sufficient, though it is worth it to bring in separate lights if the room is dingy or dim.
•Arrange for a general stage wash.
•For groups over 200, Arrange for separate light trees.

*Room Set-Up: Theater style is his first choice. Classroom is second. Rounds are his last choice. Please set the room up with as many people close to the stage as possible. Hotels tend to spread the group out to fill the room; fight them. Have as many people close as you can.
•Please arrange to have the platform on the “long” wall of a rectangle-shaped room. This maximizes the good seats, and minimizes the bad seats. Avoid setting up the room “like a bowling alley” with people looking the long-way at the stage. Magic is visual. We need to eliminate as many of the “bad” seats as possible.
•Brad cannot work at a Head Table. Please arrange a separate platform. (Usually you can set up the separate platform on the opposite side of the room as the Head Table.)

*Platform: Brad needs to perform on a raised platform. Again, he’s a visual presenter, and you want your people to see him clearly.

Podium: Brad doesn’t use one. If you need one for your event, please arrange to have it moved off stage for Brad’s program. (Moving it to the back / side of the stage works too. Just don’t have it frontand-center.)

*Stairs: Brad will bring people from your group up on stage. Please arrange to have stairs to the platform.

*Chair on Stage: Brad will bring his small prop case and put it on a chair on stage. Please provide drape/tablecloth for Brad to “Dress” this chair and case to make it more attractive (and less like a wheelie suitcase on a chair. : )

*Meals: Brad will not work while people are eating. Coordinate with your banquet/catering captain to time the best moment after the meal to start the program.

*Waitstaff: Brad will not work with servers on the floor. If the program is after a meal, instruct the catering manager to ask the entire wait staff to leave before the program starts. Nothing is more distracting to your audience than the noise & motions of folks clearing the tables.

*Dance floor: If there is a dance floor, do not put Brad on the stage “on the other side” of the dance floor. This separates Brad from the audience, and will greatly reduce the impact of Brad’s show. We have several ideas about how to have BOTH a dance floor and get the most out of Brad. Give us a call and we’ll talk it over.

*Video Magnification: For especially large groups (over 450-500 people) arrange for video magnification. Call us if you have any questions.

*Video: Permission is required. There may be an extra fee. If recorded, Brad Montgomery is to receive original, full-resolution digital copies. Brad Montgomery is to approve client use of video.

How to Void the Warranty:
5 steps to sabotaging your investment with
• Fail to have the proper audio visual equipment set up & tested. Brad has some specific AV needs that help set him apart from other speakers. They are not complex or expensive. But they are important. Fail to have the right gear tested and Brad is sure to flop. (He won’t flop, but you’ll get a lot less than you paid for.)
• Schedule the event poorly… And put Brad on in the wrong time. (eg: Serve a heavy lunch, then have three of your top guys hit the stage with WAY too many PowerPoint slides and bore the audience to tears. Have them go on too long. Wait until they audience needs to use the bathroom REALLY bad, but instead of having a break and some caffeine, send up Brad. It’s a guaranteed…. Flop!)
• Introduce Brad poorly. Don’t read his introduction. Or interrupt it with your own comments.
• Ask Brad to speak about something he isn’t comfortable speaking about. (Don’t worry… He’s great at telling you which topics are good — and bad.)
• Mislead — or fail to inform — the audience about what to expect. Brad is a fun, extraordinary and funny speaker. If your group is expecting something else, you can count on a flop.

Sound Checks
A note about sound checks. Brad loves them! Let us know when, and Brad will “Check” the sound, allow your people to set the correct levels, etc. Please have the head AV pro on hand for 60 min during the check.

Please have the A.V. equipment installed and tested. Brad is not a tester…your people should do that before Brad arrives. Brad is a “plugger inner.” This means that he’ll plug his equipment into your gear… which should already be tested and ready.

Technical Rehearsal: If you would like to have Brad test the equipment, you can arrange a technical rehearsal at an extra fee. Contact to set this up.

Please understand that the requirements listed above are straight forward and fairly simple. Every professional sound company or hotel has this equipment on hand, and it’s not expensive. If you need help with any of it, call us. If you would like us to produce the entire technical side of the program, (arrange for all of the sound, lights, staging, etc) let us know….. We do that too. We can bring in a whole team of pros. Again, just contact us at the office and allow us to get a quote to you.

Questions? Call us! We want this event to be as great a success as you do!


Brad Montgomery is a Motivational Speaker that is engaging and funny. Every group that hires Brad has walked away with valuable information and techniques on how to be happier at work. Everyone has a smile on their face when his shows end! For more information on his Audio Visual Requirements, please call 303.691.0726

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