Free Motivational Speech From Brad?!

You heard it right, it’s not a mirage. So, you’re thinking, “How can I snag the hilarious Brad Montgomery to motivate and energize my charity event without spending a nickel?” Easy peasy – just lock in Brad for your meeting or conference, and voilà, he’ll sprinkle some laughter and inspiration on one of your cherished charitable or pet organizations for FREE.

Do the teachers at your school need a lift? Or maybe you’re part of a survivors’ group, or champion of the local food bank, or lending a hand to a group home? Brad’s your guy, and he’s thrilled to speak to one of these groups gratis.

Keynote Speaker Audience
Funny Motivational Speaker Audience


Here’s the details: Your sponsoring organization hires Brad same as usual. Then Brad either motivates or entertains the troops at your non-profit. Boom. Not complicated. Win Win. This is your GOLDEN ticket to greatness. Time to multiply the value (and laughter) without spending an extra penny.

What else do you need to know? First, we’re asking for a bit of teamwork – just help us fit this bonus program into Brad’s travel plans with your event. Simple, right?

Now, no double-dipping allowed – this deal isn’t a ticket to a two -for-one Brad bonanza for your group. The free bonus motivational speech is for a charitable organization who couldn’t otherwise afford Brad. We want it to work out as bad as you do. Just call us; it’s a conversation.

Buckle up for the rollercoaster of unique events! We know each occasion is like a WiFi password – no two are the same. Give us a call! We’ll figure out the perfect plan to make your event(s) memorable.

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