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Holiday Party with Comedian Magician Brad Montgomery

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Brad doing magic with two audience members

It’s that time of year again folks! Company holiday party season is here. We all know the stress and craziness this time of year can bring. That is why it is so important to take a mental break and have some laughs. What better way to do that than to book your holiday party with a comedian, magician, or mentalist.

Most of Brad‘s clients and event planners know him as a funny, motivational business speaker. A few lucky people know that he is also a Comedic Magician.

What’s a mentalist you ask?

In Brad’s case it’s a really funny, high-end entertainer who basically knows things about your audience he just should not know. The show is hilarious, highly interactive, and has taken Brad literally around the world.

It is never too late to book your holiday entertainment! Brad will help you throw a New Year’s party, Christmas party, Kwanzaa party, Hanukkah party, Open-House party, or an all-around-let’s-just-have-a-fun-time party your guests will be talking about all year. He recently rocked a party around the Christmas tree. Providing magic, comedy, and mentalism for sophisticated audiences like yours. No group is too big or small for his performance.

Brad performs mind blowing tricks. One started out as pick a card and turned into a random stranger guessing it over the phone. I’d tell you all the details, but what better way to see the magic than to book him yourself!

Bonus:  Brad will mingle with your guests before (and after) the show…professional magic done RIGHT IN FRONT OF EVERYONE’S eyes is sooooo cool.

Here’s your chance to make your holiday event more than a party. Brad will make it an experience. Do your people need a laugh? Do you want the “plus one’s” to be really happy they came? Give us a call!

Biography of a Motivational Speaker

Brad got his start as a magician & comedian. He spends his days as a motivational keynote speaker, but still loves to book magic, mentalist, and comedic events. You’ve never seen an audience laugh so much!

Give us a call, and we’ll talk about how to customize your holiday party for you and your audience.

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