Biography of Brad Montgomery | Best Motivational Speakers | Brad Montgomery

Biography of Brad Montgomery | Best Motivational Speakers

One of the Nation’s Best Keynote Speakers

IS & GS National Leadership MeetingLike you, happiness expert, speaker and author Brad Montgomery believes that your most important advantage is your people. Investing in your people pays. He’s a business speaker who speaks to the people side of business. He’s a keynote speaker. Author. Thought leader. Facilitator. Problem solver. Audience participation master. And he’s funny. And most importantly, he has a meaningful, relevant, and unique business message that we all need to hear.

  • Do motivated people produce more?
  • How can we influence our attitudes and motivate change in ourselves?
  • How much control do we have over our own well-being and attitude and can it be used to help business?

Brad is a keynote speaker who talks to the people side of business. He teaches people and organizations different strategies to improve work performance and results. And some people say he’s funny.

A graduate of Brown University, Brad is an author, blogger, and business owner who has spoken to organizations in all 50 states and on four continents. His clients include groups from 5 to 5000, for everybody from top leadership all the way down to the front-line personnel. His clients include Microsoft, Kenneth Cole Designs, John Deere Landscapes, Verizon, Kraft, the Mayo Clinic, dozens of State governments, the CIA — yes, that one, the FBI — yes that one, and the IRS — definitely that one.

Best Keynote Speakers? How So? Prove it.

Brad is a member of the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame. There are only approximately 130 living members of this

Best motivational speakers

Best Motivational Speakers? Brad is in the Hall of Fame!

prestigious group — and not all of them are keynote speakers. (This is the most exclusive award bestowed by the National Speakers Association.) Why does Brad’s membership into the Hall of Fame matter to you? It’s proof that Brad is one of the best keynote speakers out there; it means that when you hire Brad, you can rest easy.

Brad joined John Gray (of Mars/Venus fame) and Mark Victor Hansen (of Chicken Soup renown) to write Mission Possible. He has also co-authored, produced and published Humor Me: America’s Funniest Humorists on the Power of Laughter, as well as Humor Us: America’s Funniest Humorists on the Power of Laughter.

Brad lives in Centennial, Colorado with his wife and three children. Although he is proud of his many awards and national credits, he’s convinced that his best feats so far are his kids.

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