Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes to motivational speakers when they’re working?  Check out this (admittedly) home made video of a job I just did in Alabama for the DAU.  (Defense Acquisition University.)  They asked me to be their military speaker and present a funny speech for their hard working group.

Check out this 3 min. video to see what a fairly typical date is like for me:

What’s my point? I’m not sure I have one.  But I can tell you this:   defense acquisition universitymotivational speakers work hard. The travel, preparation and details can be taxing.  But what we get out of it (at least for the good speakers) is way more than a pay check. We have fun. I know I did.

Are YOU looking for a funny motivational speaker? I’d love to be your guy.  Go to the contact page. (Even if you don’t have a space shuttle next door.)

Learn more about my speaking for military audiences.

Brad Montgomery
Funny Motivational Speaker, Military Speaker, Alabama Speaker, Guy Who Loves His Job

Some testimonials from DAU about my work as a military speaker. Go there now.
See the military speaker testimonial on YouTube

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