I get a ton of calls from people who want to “pick my brain” about how to be a motivational speaker. Here’s a video I’ve posted about a crucial tip from one of the top pros in the biz!


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1. Latest F R E E video. (Is Your Joke Funny?)

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How Can You Tell if Your Joke is Funny?

The best shortcut to connecting with any audience

are jokes or funny stories about THEM — meaning your audience.

Their venue, their industry, their lunch, their

hotel, their whatever. If you can make a current,

fresh joke about THEM you win.

When you start with a fresh and topical joke

they know cannot have been written in advance,

they appreciate the joke — and you — more

than any other type of material.

In other words, new, topical and customized

humor has a lower bar for success, and greater

chance for huge payoffs.

Of course the biggest problem is that you

don’t know if it IS funny or

not. Good news folks… I’ve got a system

for testing these jokes,

and you can learn it faster than you can say,

“I’m Scared To Try New Humor for

$500, Alex!”

Read the full Article (and see video of me testing

humor) here:

See the F R E E video here.

(It’s a long link…. if it doesn’t work, copy the

whole thing and paste it into your browser.)



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