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A How-To video series about how to be a motivational speaker. In this very informal video in which Brad Montgomery — a funny motivational speaker — Brad explains the simple format for creating a motivational keynote speech template. Interested in exactly how you can create your own speech? No sweat…here are the details.

How to be a Comedian

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For those of you who prefer to read the text of the video, here it is:

Template for keynote motivational speech.

How to Be a Motivational Speaker: FORMAT OF A KEYNOTE
This is Brad Montgomery from Brad with a continuing series in how to be a motivational speaker and how to be a paid professional speaker.  All right so one of the things we never talked about is exactly what is a motivational speech?  I know, you got some ideas about what you’re going to do and what you’re going to talk about and I know you have some ideas about your message for when you become a motivational speaker but you’re still struggling with how does it work, what’s the form, what’s the format, how do you put together a motivational speech.  Well good news – I’m about to tell you.

All right so it’s really not as hard as you think because there’s a formula.  Now you’ll notice that almost every good motivational speaker follows the formula and deviates from it but at least let me give you the formula because you’ll be shocked how easy it is.  First, you’ve got to have an opening so the opening’s going to be: My name is.  Here’s what we’re going to talk about.  Here’s my background is and here’s what you are going to get out today’s program.  So you’re just going to tell them what to expect.  So I’m a funny motivational speaker and I talk to businesses about lightening up so I start, as you might guess, with some jokes and I tell them today we’re going to talk about lightening it up and how that’s going to be related to your business.  Get it?  That’s the intro – that’s it.  That’s all the intro is.  Now the intro can be very short or you know like even a minute or two or it can be as long as you know five or ten sometimes fifteen minutes.  Because I’m funny I use a lot of humor but I think if you’re a high content motivational speaker you’re going to cut right to it.  So for example you might say, I’ve had an incredible car accident and I learned a lot from it and in today’s program we’re going to go through my story and how the lessons I learned relate to you.  All right so there’s the introduction.

Then you’re basically going to have three points – three points and each point is going to be supported by at least one story.  So let’s say for example your motivational speech is to be in you know you want to inspire people somehow.  All right so then I’m assuming that you have three techniques to inspire people.  So let’s say your techniques are to you know have good relationships and lead others in inspiration and to always nurture yourself – take care of yourself.  All right so those are the three points.  Write them down; bam, bam, bam.

So the first one is, my first point of the day is blah, blah, blah, blah.  Get it?  You tell them what your point is but they don’t care what your point is unless you have a story.  So if your first point is nurturing relationships that’s where you’re going to want to launch into one of your stories about how you nurture relationships or how you learned from this or how something happened to you that is relevant to them.  The main part of the story is to hold their interest, to teach the lesson and then really to let them learn from it.  How can we learn from your experience without having to go through the pain and trouble that you’ve done.  So for example let’s say you’ve climbed Mt. Everest and you want to talk about you know all the fabulous thing you learned about Mt. Everest.  What I really want out of that as an audience member is how can I learn all the things you know without having to climb Mt. Everest.  So you’re telling us the story of Mt. Everest and then you’re giving us the first point.  Got it?  So, now we’ve got the introduction, first point and the story to support that point.  Then you lead right into the second point and the transition can be as simple as that brings us to our second point.  The second point is you need to nurture relationships – I can’t remember what the three points are – but you know the second point is you’ve got to eat a lot of pineapple.  You see it doesn’t really matter what the point is and then you’ve got to support that.  So, how are you going to support that?  With another story so that’s when you need to launch in to another personal story, something that really happened to you and then relate what you learned out of that story and how we can apply those lessons to our lives.  Do you get the running theme?  Because if you’re a motivational speaker it really isn’t about you and how fabulous you are and how fabulous your stories are or how funny you are; what really is important is how you can get some information and inspiration into us as the audience.

All right and then the third point repeat as needed.  That leads us to our third point or our third point is to be a leader of inspiration and you know being a leader of inspiration is important because blah, blah, blah, blah and here comes the story to support that point.  Got it?  So now you’ve just told the introduction, you’ve had three points each one supported by at least one story – by the way if you know you want to do two short stories, go for it; three really short stories, go for it; whatever it doesn’t matter – and then finally is the conclusion and the conclusion really needs to be a summary of what you’ve just done but then most importantly you really need to make sure the audience understands that it’s about them.  So even though all the stories are about you and your own life experience the message is about them.  So in the conclusion you need to really make sure that they walk out of there knowing that I want to be like that speaker I just heard or at least I want to apply the lessons that that speaker taught because it makes sense to me because after hearing those stories and hearing all the reasons behind it and hearing the original thought there’s no way in the world I can’t you know, I can’t leave as a better person after hearing that speaker.  Got it?

So the main format is introduction, point supported by a story, second point supported by a story, third point supported by a story, and then a conclusion which all along you’re going to be talking about your audience but especially at the conclusion you’re going to make sure that the speech is not about you it’s about them.

All right so becoming a motivational speaker is a blast of it’s fun and it’s not as hard as you think.  My name’s Brad Montgomery from Brad; really happy to be part of it.  If you like this video click over here or okay – I’m not really sure where the links are but there’s a couple of links.  I’ve got a couple programs out about how to be a motivational speaker and another program about how to be a funny speaker and trust me being a motivational speaker is cool but being a funny motivational speaker means you get hired.  So adding humor is really crucial no matter what your topic is.  Thanks for your time.  Look for more videos from me soon.  Glad to be aboard.  Cheers.

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