I was recently in Maine speaking for a bank for their annual employee meeting/event.  They charged me with being a motivational speaker specific for the banking and finance industry.   The bottom line, is that like so many of my banking and credit  union clients, they are going through a culture change:  the entire organization is being forced into a culture where they do better than good;  they need to do great.  And along the way they need to make sure that ALL of their financial service offerings are made available to all of their clients all of the time.

Translation:  they are moving to a sales culture.  And they needed me to help them find happiness in this business change.

It was a good time; and happily it was very well received by the organization and the C-Level folks.

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Brad Montgomery
Motivational Speaker, Humorist, Seminar Leader

For you folks who prefer to read, here’s the transcript to the video:

It compares absolutely tremendously. We had, everyone was rapt attention throughout the room. We were joking. We only had one person leave the room the whole time. But it was great. Everyone enjoyed Brad’s sense of humor and his sense of humor with a message was really good for us. I’m going to bring a sense of humor to work that I’ve never had the courage to bring.

What the CEO of Kennebunk Savings Bank Has To Say About Brad as a Motivational Speaker

I am Brad Page. I am the President and CEO at Kennebunk Savings Bank and we just had our annual meeting, which we do once a year for all of our employees as a thank you but when we put the meeting together we always try to deliver some sort of message to them. We are going through a lot of change recently with different cultural things that we are trying to do and we were looking for someone to help us facilitate that change in the organization. So we also wanted to do it in a way that everyone would actually pay attention and be interested in it. So Brad had a great balance of humor with what was actually a very strong message at points and inspirational I think for all of our employees and kept their attention and I’m very happy with how the evening turned out. I learned to lead happy. We want our employees to be successful and we know that they can be. Sometimes they need that little bit more of prodding, almost a suck it up message that needs to be delivered, but, you know, you’ve got to be careful how you deliver that message and I think this evening Brad was able to do that using again, his great sense of humor, something everyone could relate to. It wasn’t something everyone turned off. They were waiting to hear what he was going to say next and it wasn’t subliminal but it was a great message delivery and in a way that was not offensive or turning off people. I just think it was a really nice job.

Oh, it was fantastic. It was very entertaining and worthwhile.

I am going to have fun. What did you learn? How to be happy. If you’re not happy it’s not worth showing up.

How to look for the brighter side of life.

We are going to act happy. And what did you learn? Find happy, act happy, leave happy, **** happy.

I’m going to have fun.

What did you learn? How to be happy. If you’re not happy it’s not worth showing up.

He was very entertaining. I liked him a lot.

What did you learn? I learned the biggest thing is that we, the train is moving and we’ve got to get on it so we’ve got to act the right way for the culture because it’s not going to change.

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