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Brad Montgomery is a motivational speaker for companies and organizations. He explains why good employees leave their companies.

It’s a failure to plan ahead for the (sometimes necessary) boring parts.  Let me explain:Here’s another cool idea about how to make your meeting or convention more epic and more awesome. Here’s what I want you to do when you plan your meeting. Start from scratch, meaning don’t do this: “Well always on the second day we do this and then we have a keynote and the president has an address, and then we have a State of the Union thing and then we have…” That is not the way to plan a convention.

The way to plan a convention is to say how  can we make this limited time the most epic ever. motivational=speakers-funnySeriously, start from scratch. Part of that starting from scratch is you will find yourself wanting to skip over some boring parts, and that’s crucial. Admit it, parts of your meeting are boring, and that’s normal.

Let me give you an example. Rewarding people employed there for five years with a pin, and honoring people who have been there for ten years with a pin. A big parade of your employees crossing the stage as you read their name and give them a pin, it’s really important, right? That’s also dull. Trust me, it’s dull. Really important. What else? A lot of my association clients are required as part of their bylaws to read the financials in front of the entire membership. So important, unbelievably dull.

Motivational Speakers Can Help You Do an Energy Audit

So what I’m saying is once you have labeled this going, “Okay, we got a valley here. That’s going to be a little dull. Ooh, this one’s going to be a little tired. Ooh, they’re really tired of this.” Then once you do that, you can start applying your creativity and saying what can we do to make sure that even those valleys have energy and have meaning and have excitement. Maybe it’s possible to even make them entertaining. In the end, you want so much enthusiasm and motivation and excitement that everyone feels like this was the most epic meeting ever.

So let’s sum it up. Give your meeting an energy audit before you even start. If you need help, call somebody. For example, me. This guy. I do it all the time. I’ve been at so many conferences. It’s easy to anticipate what’s going to rock and what isn’t. And then once you know that, you just bring in all of your tools from your toolbox. I’ve got a gazillion ways to do this, where you can make even the little draggy parts either less draggy, or if we do it right, to even make them fun.

Got it? Give yourself an energy audit. My name’s Brad Montgomery. Reach me through BradMontgomery.com. I’m so glad you’re here. Don’t forget, click subscribe. If you like these kind of tips, click subscribe. Have a great day. Make your meeting awesome.

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