There is an interesting article today in Colorado’s daily paper about humor for presidential candidates. It stresses the importance of humor, as well as the danger of humor. Humor has both won and lost elections for folks.

“Humor is vital. It shows likability and deflects criticism and makes people feel comfortable,” said Liz Carpenter, former speechwriter for Lyndon John son while he was vice president and author of the book “Presidential Humor.”

But, as this article says, humor-gone-wrong had created some real problems for candidates. The good news is that there is a solid piece of advice that will keep you out of trouble AND keep the smiles on your audiences’ faces:

The Denver Post – Politicians work to win with laughs
That’s why when it comes to a politician trying to be funny, Katz – who worked as a humor writer for President Clinton – has three rules:

Be self-deprecating.

Repeat as necessary.

Be self-deprecating on behalf of others.

This is a good advice for presentations from speakers, executives, etc. If you stay away from the zingers — even the ones meant to be funny — the chances of being misunderstood are nearly eliminated.

Check out that article….It’s good.

Brad Montgomery
Humorist, Humor Coach, Teacher of Humor Skill

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