Howdy Folks! I’ll be your keynote speaker speaker for the Big Shin Dig on May 19th at the Crown Plaza — DIA. Check out this video I made especially for you:

I’ve been a motivational humorist speaker here in Colorado for years, and absolutely pleased as punch to be part of your event in May. What can you expect? You can expect to laugh and have a great time. And because I’m a magician you can expect to see a magic trick or two. But most of all, you should expect to be reminded to take yourself less seriously — while still taking what you DO seriously. You can learn more about me over at I look forward to being part of this event, laughing with you, and reminding each other in a very fun way to lighten up.

Questions or comments?  You can contact me here.


Brad Montgomery
Colorado Motivational Speaker, Fan of Aurora Mental Health

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