Ask Your Neighborhood Palliative Care Doc! | Dr. Elizabeth Holman

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DR ELIZABETH HOLMAN palliative care rock star.

Doctor Elizabeth Holman is a palliative care doctor.  She is also incredibly warm, wicket clever, and very thoughtful.  She also happens to be a very cool person.

In this live interview we cover what it’s like to work with very ill and terminally ill people. How does she shake off the grief?  What’s it really like?  And what in the heck does “palliative” mean anyway?

Elizabeth also helped decode what the rest of us can do to comfort those who suffer incredible loss.  Hint:  it has to do with just listening and being there more than what words we use.

I’m a motivational speaker, but after this conversation I had the feeling that Elizabeth is a motivational speaker in all but job title.

Thanks Elizabeth for taking the time!

Ask Your Neighborhood Palliative Care Doc! | Dr. Elizabeth Holman
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