Ask Your Friendly Neighborhood R & B Star!

Ask Your Friendly Neighborhood Award-Winning Songwriter!

GORDON CHAMBERS Recording Artist (& Motivational Speaker?

Singer-songwriter-producer and recording artist Gordon Chambers is inspiring, funny, and — wait for it — motivational.

In this live recording we cover how in the heck a trumpet player from Brown University ends up writing for Beyonce and a ton of other stars?  How is it that he ended up performing in the White House?

One of the many impressive things about Gordon is his confidence in himself.  He started in a low-paying job at Essence Magazine and ends up hanging out — and producing — with Whitney Houston. And eventually she, in turn, encouraged Gordon to push his own performances. And he did.  And he is amazing.

Gordon is not a motivational speaker, but I swear, after taking to Gordon I felt better about myself.

I mentioned to Gordon at the end that I loved playing in the band with him in college.  I loved sitting behind him on the drum set while he sang Funny Valentine and God Bless this Child.   To answer me, Gordon took his laptop to his piano and sang God Bless This Child.  I was in heaven.

The audio isn’t great, but Gordon more than makes up for it.

Thanks Mr. Chambers!  It was a total blast. So fun to see you again.

Ask Your Friendly Neighborhood R & B Star!
Ask Your Friendly Neighborhood R & B Star!

Biography of a Motivational Speaker

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Ask Your Friendly Neighborhood R & B Star!
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