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Rene Godefroy Motivational Keynote Speaker.

Motivational Speaker Rene Godefroy is my guest in this live interview. I met Rene a couple of decades ago when we were both ranked on the first page of the search engines. Yes engines…this is before Google dominated. We started a friendship and have been brother motivational speakers for years.

We reminisce about how we built our first websites ourselves, and then both read books about search engine optimization. Back in those days, it was fairly simple. Follow the recommendations of the pros, and your site would be listed at the top of the search engines.  Yahoo.  Dog Pile. Ask Jeeves. Alta vista. And yes…. Google. The search engines got smart and made it impossible for yahoos like Rene and me to just appear at the top of the pages. But those were some good times.

In this conversation we cover some of the behind the scenes of what it’s like to be a motivational keynote speaker.  We talk about how he got started as a doorman at a hotel, but through extreme focus and grit he made his dream come true.  It’s an amazing story, and Rene’s ability to constantly believe in himself is crazy.  And wonderful.

Rene is the best kind of human. He’s funny. He’s kind. He’s wicked clever. And he is a master in front of an audience.

Thanks Rene. It was a total blast learning from you. Hanging with you. And laughing with you.

Rene Godefroy
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