Ask Your Friendly Neighborhood Epidemiologist | Brad LIVE

Ask An Epidemiologist Covid Questions

Ask Your Friendly Neighborhood Epidemiologist | Brad LIVE

Update!  This episode was recorded during COVID. Happily, since this recording, I’ve returned to a more traditional, in-person speaker for health care. It turns out that now, more than ever, health care workers — and I’m talking about everyone from clinical to support to academia to health care software and users groups — is overwhelmed and exhausted and often lacking hope.  This is what I do.  I help pros in all sections of this complicated system to feel more grounded, get reconnected with Purpose and Meaning in a way that improves some crucial health care metrics including recruitment and retention, engagement, accuracy, culture, and morale.  And in the end investing in the people side of health care trickles down to epic patient care.

This interview reminded me of just how personal this industry is.  Elaine Moratto and I were talking about stats, science, and expert opinions.  But in the end, we were trying to manage that COVID feeling we all had of being overwhelmed, powerless and lost.

Wondering what an epidemiologist considers safe for her own family?  What would she recommend for you and yours?

Dr. Elaine Morrato, Founding Dean at the Parkinson School of Health Sciences and Public Health at Loyola in Chicago was kind enough to join me with a FACEBOOK Live event last week.  Oh, and I’m so glad she did.

Do COVID tests shorten the 14 quarantine we’ve heard so much about?  Would she fly on a plane?  Welcome a kid back from college?  How about go to Walmart or a restaurant?

And what’s the deal with the vaccines and what do we need to know?  How closely do we need to follow the news from the big pharmaceuticals, and do we care who’s vaccine is chosen?

And of course, when in the heck is this thing going to end?

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My Take Aways

I was hoping for more black and white answers.  EG: Yes Brad, do this.  No Brad, don’t do that.

But science doesn’t always work that way.  And assessing our own personal risk thresholds is as much an art as it is science.  Not every question about COVID safety can be answered, even by a pro like Dr. Elaine.

You’ve got to stop and ask yourself about the context.  What else is going on with your life and your health? What are the options?  As Elaine said, there is no such thing as zero risk. SO we have to be comfortable doing our best knowing that nothing is foolproof.

Also, it was a great reminder as to the power of data.  Elaine’s answers often centered around checking specific data for specific communities.  So what might be safe in my home town of Denver, Colorado might be bonkers crazy in a small town in Missouri.  Or the opposite.  So find the websites, and be willing to dig in.

And finally, regarding data, Dr. Elaine helped me to understand “positivity rate.”  It’s given easily in most newspapers.  Zero is the goal.  3% is feeling pretty good.  But as I write this Denver’s positivity rate is about 10%.  So for me, somebody who has a person in my family with some health concerns, that mean’s I’m mostly staying home still.  Ug.

Thanks for your time Dean Morrato!   Want more Elaine Morrato? Good news…looks like we’ll be meeting up again on FB live soon.  Yay!

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