Are You So Busy Helping You Forget to Be Helpful

Don’t forget to be helpful.

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Here’s the lesson: sometimes you need to listen to…YOURSELF.

Yesterday I worked for some Sales Pros about the People Side of Sales. I was asked to deliver a motivational message I’m passionate about: remembering that although sales techniques and tactics are important, they are worthless unless we really come from a place of service.

Or, in other words, if we actually help our customers get what the need and crave, sales will follow naturally. With or without sales techniques. Focus on the people side first.

But today I realized that my message was relevant to me…yeah, it’s weird. I realized that it’s easy in my life to focus on my chores, my to do lists, my tasks… And all of the minutia that makes up our lives and our jobs. And that I often forget to take care of people in my life.

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For example, my wife and I seem to be constantly carting around our children. Helping them get their homework done. Making sure they get to the right performance.  Going to school for this or that. But I get so wrapped up in those TASKS I sometimes forget to focus on my kids themselves.

I’m so focused on getting them to, for example, the doctors appointment that I forget to focus on the real target; I forget to focus on how I can lead them by being upbeat, how I can support and nourish them, how I can help them. I was focused on the task; not on the kid.

Yup, we still have to do our tasks. But we need to keep our eye on the goal. I’m so busy helping my kids that I forget to be helpful to my kids.

It’s a metaphor but you get it. It’s the same at our jobs. With our families. And even ourselves.

What’s the point? Take 30 seconds and remind yourself what you are really trying to accomplish. Ask yourself how focusing on the people will help you get closer to that goal. You still have to do your job. You still have to do your tasks, run your errands, and check off your to do lists. But if you focus on the people you are trying to serve everything seems to work out way better.

And best of all, it’s way more fun. It makes us happier. Motivational speaker and business speaker provides keynotes, breakouts and way WAY more for meeting and conventions across the country and around the world. Looking for a professional speaker to ramp up the energy at your meeting? Need somebody to help your people focus on their passion and their purpose in order to increase your bottom line? Contact us today or call us at 303.691.0726

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