A fellow friend a professional speaker Bert Decker just wrote a cool article about self-confidence and public speaking. And….uses an example from the auditions at American Idol to make his point.

Maxwell Maltz found in Psychocybernetics that we ALL undermine ourselves, and I find that to be experientially true in observing many thousands of people under pressure. We are all better than we think we are, and would do well to show it.

Confidence is internalized from gaining skills with practice and feedback. And believing what we see. In the meantime, the “Act as if” principle is well served. William James said, “Do the act and the attitude will follow.”

Thanks Bert.

Here’s some in

See what I wrote about what American Idol has to teach professional public speakers and presenters here.

More info about my (confident?) professional public speaking.

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Keynote Speaker, Humorist, Closet American Idol Fan

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2 responses to “American Idol and Professional Public Speaking? What?!”

  1. Madeline Morgan says:

    i remember when i was still in high school, i always fear public speaking engagments.:~-

  2. Theo Shaw says:

    American Idol has always been my all time favorite show, it is the best

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