Actually, the opposite is true.

Brad Barton is now one of my newest speaker pals. He is a magician / motivatonal speaker based in Ogden, Utah. (His main market is youth and education groups, but does a fair amount of work in the corporate world as well.)

His family hosted me on a recent trip to Utah (where I was speaking to the regional chapter of the National Speakers Association) and I got to better meet this awesome speaker. I can tell you this: not only is he talented, but he is… well… nice. Really nice. Really, really nice.

This may sound corny, but this got me thinking that there is a connection between speakers who can present awesome programs, and the “likable factor” of those same speakers off stage. Brad is just as likable OFF stage as he is ON stage. I’m convinced that he would still be a decent presenter even if he was a jerk; but there is no way he would be as powerful as he is now.

He’s a genuinely friendly guy and an awesome presenter.

Coincidence? What do you think?


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