About Keynote Speaker Brad Montgomery | Brad Montgomery

About Keynote Speaker Brad Montgomery

Looking at Keynote Speakers? Learn More About Brad

Don’t we know it: there are a ton of keynote speakers. Choosing one is overwhelming. Your cultural challenges and business challenges are unique.

  • You’ve probably experienced weak keynote speakers.
  • Your reputation is on the line — you need a sure-fire, can’t miss hit.

Brad Montgomery is a keynote speaker you can count on. He’s a member of the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame, he’s got a 25+ year track record

  • Member of the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame.
  • 25+ Year Track Record of Success with clients just like you.
  • He’s proven. His testimonials and fan base is extensive. This means booking Brad is a no-risk proposition.
  • He’ll customize an event for you, your people, your audience, and your needs.

What are you looking for in Keynote Speakers?

  • A positive and informative Experience
  • A delivery that is both meaningful and memorable. You want them on the edge of their seats.
  • You need a keynote speaker who is way past mediocre: you need something way more than a “canned” speech. You need a keynote speaker who can engage.

Brad Montgomery stands out among keynote speakers because he talks TO your people; not AT them. He engages them with a powerful business message about the people side of business. Brad understands that people are your greatest asset, and he knows how to help you get the most out of them. And he engages your audience unlike other keynote speakers; he’s honest, prepared, authentic, and seasoned. Oh, and he’s funny.

He strongly believes that the his messages about leadership, motivation, excellence and success are wildly important. But he also understands that if they aren’t listening it doesn’t matter what he says. So he makes sure his keynote style is unique, relevant, personalized and fresh. Brad is “in the moment” with you; you’ll never see one of those “canned keynote speakers” that don’t work with audiences like yours.

Give us a call now for a free consultation. We’ll figure out the best way for you to get the most value from the keynote and beyond.