I often write in this blog about the importance, the motivation behind, and the reasons for humor in the workplace. But how — specifically — can you do it? How do you start?

Here’s a cool idea from a fun blog I think you’ll like.

My plan was to anonymously send a $40 floral arrangement to two unsuspecting employees every Monday morning… Attached to the flowers would be a note: “Don’t ever think your good efforts go unnoticed.” Signed: “From someone who cares.”Then do the same: Send someone in your organization an anonymous present. Flowers, candy, balloons, a cool gadget. Something fun, happy, cheap and positive.

Great idea. It could be something as simple as this. Or as affordable as just a hand-written note along the same path. Besides… it’s fun and funny.
Work CAN be fun… but only if you take responsibility for making it so yourself.

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Keynote Speaker, Humor at Work Consultant, Seminar Leader

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