A Keynote Marketing Speaker who Understands Marketing

Your Next Sales Speaker Knows the Secret to Sales

Your sales team knows how to sell, but they don’t sell as much as they are able; they are not reaching their potential. What’s missing is motivation.

Sure, they need sales techniques — cold calling, closing the sale, etc. But even more important is equipping them with the right attitude. The attitude that makes them WANT to pick up that phone, make the next visit, and earn that relationship.

You’ve Likely Seen A Mediocre Keynote Sales Speaker

Trust us; Brad isn’t one of them. He’ll blow your group away. He connects in a way that makes a difference. He engages them. He’s a real guy and they know it.

Your most valuable sales asset is your sales team. No sales = no business. It’s time to invest in your people.

A Sales Speaker who knows the secret to selling is in the connection!

A Sales Speaker who knows the secret to selling is in the connection!

Your unmotivated, unsatisfied, and unhappy sales people are selling 37% less than they can. *

Yup, you read that right. Satisfied, engaged and happy sales people sell 37% more than their mopey peers. You can’t afford not to invest in their attitudes.

Sales and Marketing teams throughout the country have turned to Brad Montgomery for his brand of sales motivation that uplifts, teaches and speaks to the heart of this special team. The secret to sales is satisfied, invested people. People who know they are appreciated and who know that attitude counts. So let Brad teach your marketing team the secrets to uplifting attitude and thereby improving sales.

A Sales Speaker Who Gets It

Science shows:

• Sales people with positive attitudes have higher sales

A motivational speaker who understands sales!

A motivational speaker who understands sales!

• Sales is about relationships and connection.
• Improving your attitude helps with more than just sales; it helps job loyalty, retention, sick days, productivity, creativity and innovation.

Brad is one of the top sales keynote speakers in the country. Let him teach you — and your team how to adopt and create a positive attitude that makes a difference.

Brad engages and teaches:

• How to take responsibility for their own motivation and job satisfaction
• How to inspire loyalty and trust from employees
• How to be a Catalyst Encourager.

It starts at the top. Brad will show your people how to spread inspiration and motivation, not only to your employees, but even to your customers. Responsibility for attitude, for action, for productivity is within your sales team’s means, and Brad has the key.

Call today and set up a consultation with your next sales and marketing keynote speaker, Brad Montgomery.