As I’ve mentioned before in this blog, I recently spoke to the National Speakers Association — Georgia Chapter where I taught them humor and comedy skills.

It was a total pleasure for several reasons, but perhaps the biggest reason was that I got to see and hang with my friend and Georgia speaker Jon Schwartz.

Jon is a funny guy.  He has a motivational humor program as an alter ego, New York Sopranos-style “goomba” Vinnie Verelli.  His character is funny, over the top, and often very wise.

Hanging with Jon is a blast.  He’s got a ready laugh and a infections smile.  But one of my favorite things about him is that he is frequently lapsing into one of his characters.  Maybe Vinnie.  Or a Frenchman.  Or the detective Columbo.  So you’re having this normal conversation with your friend when suddenly, like a Sybil, he switches personalities… and then is back again.  It’s fun.  It’s crazy.  I love it.

Like mine, Jon’s background is in entertainment.  And hanging with him reminds me of all my entertainer friends.  (Who I frankly don’t see enough of anymore.)   I remember one totally crazy night when, after a job YEARS ago, I went to grab a  beer with a mime, a balloon artist, and two magicians.  All of us in costume.  We had a laughfest — and got some great service.

Anyhow, Jon’s a rock star, and one of my favorite Georgia Speakers.

Thanks Jon.

{Check out my work as a motivational humorist here.}


Brad Montgomery
Motivational Speaker, Comedian & Humorist, Fan of Vinnie Verelli

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