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As a change management speaker, I often talk with clients that are going through massive change in their companies.  One of the biggest things I have learned about change management can be encapsulated by comparing two of my recent clients.

Let me tell you about what is similar with these two companies.  Both groups are going through massive changes within their staff and both are combining two organizations into one. Each has had to adjust their products to deal with clients that are asking for different things and both are dealing with changes in their technology.

With all those common factors, you might think that the two companies are also dealing with change in similar manners.  But nothing could be further from the truth.

Adapting and Adjusting

Company #1 views the changes as an opportunity:

• for growth.  

• to stay relevant.

• to better serve their clients.

Adjusting and adapting is their game plan.  And guess what? They have a thriving company culture, they are growing, and their profitability is soaring.  By all metrics, this company is rocking it.

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Creating Chaos

Now let’s talk about Company #2   They perceive changes as:

• A big scary problem.  (Consultants, studies, and over planning.)

• A creator of chaos, fear and, uncertainty. 

This company has soured their culture, scared their team with worry and chaos, and telegraphed to the world that required adjustments are terrifying.  The results? Productivity is down, profits are down and the work environment is toxic. 

Change Management is Part of Business

Managing change is part of business.  If you want to remain relevant, meaningful and profitable, you need to adapt.  If you view change as an opportunity for growth, you are setting yourself up for success.  And that opportunity will also bring bigger profits and better employee morale. Conversely, if you focus on the chaos and fear that change often brings, you give those negative feelings a voice in your culture.

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Brad holds a paper that says "The case for the business value of happiness at work"

Yes, I know in this short blog and video I’ve over-over-simplified the admitted complexity of change management. But seeing with my own eyes the EXTREME differences between these two clients made a huge impression.   Your attitude regarding change is infectious, crucial, and will predict your success. 

How do you deal with change in your life?  Do you get on board with the opportunity for positive growth? Or do you freak out?  Get behind it, move forward, embrace the change. 

Brad Montgomery offers meaningful ways to look at change for a more positive and profitable outcome.  Brad has helped countless employees on all levels to view change as an opportunity to excel rather than something to stress out about.  Call 303-691-0726 to find out how Brad’s message can make your next meeting or conference epic. 

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