Organizational culture plays an integral role in the well-being of your employees. Your company’s culture represents the personality of the business and showcases the treatment of your workers.

Adopting a toxic work culture can hurt your employees. A bad organizational culture can result insignificant churn, reduced productivity, and a lack of business performance. If your business fails to promote good culture within its four-walls, your workers are at risk of demotivation.Mosaic.2013.93

Because your employees lack the will to do well, they experience a progress slowdown. Demotivation leads to decreases in productivity, which can affect your sales. Employees lacking motivation tend to seek greener pastures in the arms of friendlier companies.

As an employer, it is your responsibility to uplift your employee’s morale while maintaining good office culture. Rid your company of these negative corporate culture habits and watch how it lifts your workers’ motivation:

Lack of recognition in the company

Some employers take the advantages of recognition for granted. Employees are paid to work; whatever they do outside the range of their capabilities are necessary. Why is there a need for recognition when you pay them to do the work?

Lack of recognition demotivates employees easily. Why work harder when no one notices? One of the best ways to achieve success in a company is by convincing your workers to give their best. In order to do so, your company should recognize employees for their outstanding contributions.

Poor Communication Skills

Communication is everything in terms of motivating your employees. If your workers always lack information and end up guessing at leadership’s intention all the time, they will become frustrated, especially if they end up being chastised for their efforts. A company that fails to communicate clearly with its people will demotivate people with initiative and stifle any motivation to go above and beyond.

Make sure you have an avenue to communicate back and forth. This way, you save your employees from unnecessary information research.

Bad leadership habits

Leadership is the best indicator of the organization. Your workers inherit what you practice; leadership’s bad temper and lack of collaboration affects employees through every level. Some employees suffer demotivation when they feel that the leadership is a failure.motivational-speaker-2

Practice what you preach. Motivate your employees by showcasing proper leadership habits, which they will pass onto others in the future.

An employee’s motivation dies due to bad office culture. Motivate your workers by purging negative habits that create a negative corporate culture. If you need further help, Brad Montgomery can provide talks to help begin the change in negative company habits. Call us for more information.


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