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Change Management Comes Down to a Simple Choice

As a motivational speaker, almost 9 out of 10 clients ask me to address change management. I’m honestly amazed at how many of my clients are freaked out about change. The change is real, and their pain is real. But the answer to their stress and unhappiness might be more simple than they think.scroll down for video

Check out two of my recent clients, both of whom are dealing with a ton of change.

Client 1:

  • Hired a Change Management Consulting Firm
  • Lots of analytics, measurements and surveys around prepping for change
  • Work culture is toxic
  • Huge exodus of people on all levels
  • Profitability is down

Client 2:

  • Focused on growth, profits and the future.
  • Feels a positive work culture is crucial to success.
  • Like Client 1, has had major changes in their technology, client base, and organizational structure. But they consider all of these things, “Challenges we are making progress on.”
  • Has a VERY positive and well-loved work culture
  • Profits are up
  • Growth up
  • Future is bright

Client 1 Is freaking out.

Client 2 has most of the same issues regarding change, but just considers constant adaption as part of their business.

So What is My Point?

What you focus on is where the power is! In order to stay relevant and profitable, every organization is going to have to adapt to changes in our markets, our technology, and even our employees. Change is just a given. You don’t have a choice regarding change, but you do have a choice in how you react to it. You can freak out. Or you can roll your sleeves up, get started, and move forward towards success.

Client 2’s focus is on epic culture, and epic customer experiences. That’s the focus. Yes, they have to constantly deal with sometimes HUGE changes, but for them it’s just part of their job.

The management at Client 1 is freaking out, and everybody on staff knows it. They feel unsettled and upset, and they are NOT doing well with productivity or profitability. They need to calm down, take a breath, and just get started with moving forward. I’m convinced that the very fact they are surveying and analyzing every person and every bit of their company is primarily telegraphing their anxiety to their staff.

It’s not easy, but it is simple. When it comes to change you either have to accept it as a constant part of your job, or … You need a new job.

Dealing with change is simple, but not easy. Do you want to get behind it? Or do you want it to happen to you?

Yes, I know I’ve over-simplified. Yes I know that sometimes you DO REALLY NEED a huge amount of study regarding workplace processes, structure and culture. But on the other hand, it isn’t THAT complicated. Change is the new constant, and if you let it freak you out you are not going to do well.

Take a breath, roll up your sleeves, and start chipping away at your new problems. Give into the fact that you’ll NEVER be “finished” with these problems. (If you ever do finish with these problems, you’ll be out of a job!) And see if you can find some joy in the phrase, “We’re working on it, and we feel like we are making progress.”

You can do this. You’ve got this. Now stop whining.


Brad Montgomery is a business and motivational speaker based in Denver, Colorado. He speaks to the people side of business. Call today to bring him in to speak to your group about change.





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Brad Montgomery is a business speaker who focuses on the People Side of Business.  He is a motivational and funny presenter who speaks across the country and around the world.  Contact him today to book this motivational speaker for your meeting or event.  And if you’re Hostgator or Endurance?  Let’s talk about how we can inspire and motivate your team to do better using a story from ONE OF YOUR OWN ROCKSTARS!