I recently worked for a very kind man for the second time.   The first time, he hired me to speak for a government agency.  He has since left the government, and hired me to speak to his new company, n~ask Incorporated.

Being hired once is nice.  But being hired back is MORE than twice as nice.  It’s bad math.  But it’s true.

The first time I was in a hotel ballroom in Virginia, doing my funny motivational speaker thing for a huge government audience.   But this more recent speaking engagement was in Florida for a very small (but mighty) group in a restaurant.  By the time I started speaking, it was pushing 9:30 PM, the group had had more than a couple of cocktails, and they had been sitting through a long gourmet dinner.

But happily, it went well.  In fact, it was a blast.

Check out the kind letter I just got from my client:

TO:                  Brad Montgomery

SUBJECT:        Speaker Services

Brad –

On behalf of n-ask Incorporated I would like to sincerely thank you for superb presentation during our 10th Anniversary event.  In true Brad fashion, you adopted our message, created the appropriate theme that struck the right chord with our group.  Your adept blend of humor, coupled with the desired “thought take-away” was a huge success.  Your skill at managing the toughest of crowds, and leading them to the possibilities of the future is exactly what our team needed.

As was proven when I engaged your services for my previous employer (Central Intelligence Agency), your ability to pinpoint and deliver the right message to a diverse workforce made all the difference.  Although our group was smaller than the 1000+ you addressed at CIA, you adapted a concise presentation tailored to our “unique” needs and corporate structure.  The tailored presentation you developed for n-ask, had our attendees feeling you were literally a part of our team with an intimate understanding of our current challenges.  Accordingly, your approach insured our team’s acceptance of the message and solutions.  One manager noted, “How does he know us and our unique challenges so well.” Another pointed out – “It felt personal to us, and not some outsider coming in with a fad of the moment speech.”

Again, our sincere appreciation for your time in assisting our staff in recognizing that change is not to be feared; and humor in the face of challenge is a trait to aspire to.  All in attendance left with a new perspective on our corporate goals and their role in our collective success.  We look forward to you working with us in the future as we continue down our path.

JH   Vice President, n~ask Incorporated

Yippee.   I had fun too, but it is wildly cool (I know, it isn’t a corporate term, but it accurately describes it) to get amazing letters like this one from JH.

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Brad Montgomery
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Looking to hire a motivational speaker?  Check for references.  Check for a LONG list of happy clients.  Very happy clients.  And don’t be afraid to challenge them on how recent their references are…. we’ve all seen folks with references that are a decade old.  What has your business speaker done recently?

I’ve been working a ton.  Here’s some footage of my recent clients in Minnesota.


Looking for a motivational speaker for your event? Contact me here. Doees YOUR group need a happiness speaker who can help them be happy at work? You’ve found him!

I recently did some work with a wonderful government audience in California.  They had me do my all day happiness at work seminar called Laugh-O-Nomics™.  We did everything from motivation, to collaboration, to team building and facilitation.  I was there a full day, but it felt like about 90 minutes … It was fun.

Check out this testimonial.


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Brad Montgomery
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For you folks who prefer to read, here’s the transcript to the video:

Sandia National Labs Testimonials

So to anybody that might be looking for a motivational speaker to come out to your event we would highly recommend Brad. He did a fantastic job and I feel like we all left with the feeling that happiness is an attitude and that you choose happiness and I would highly recommend him for any job that you might have.

Brad is a Funny Motivational Speaker

Brad was not only funny and entertaining, he had strong motivational skills. He made sure to speak to people asking what they wanted, what their organization was about, what was important to them. He also turned around and was very interactive with the crowd. Was he dirty? No, he really tried to stay away from that even though he wanted to. He wanted to ****. No, kidding, kidding. He actually paid strong attention to what we needed as an organization.

I think he really helped us understand that we have the choice of whether we want to be happy or not and we need to really focus on taking that happiness with us at home and at work and that it’s possible to actually enjoy your job and be happy at work.

So, it was an event that we were hosting to hopefully boost the morale and reinvigorate our group of professionals to get them re-motivated and enthusiastic about their jobs. There was a lot of laughter, everybody was having a good time; got a lot of positive feedback. People seemed to be really enjoying themselves and also had them thinking and so Brad, one of the things that Brad helped with was we had to create the balloon animals, where the, or the balloon statue, where we all had to interact with each other and work together to create something within a matter of a few minutes and it worked out really well. As a team, it promoted teamwork and there was a lot of laughter. Everybody was having a good time. It was really engaging. I think that was one of the best parts about it, other than the things we will take home with us.

Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes to motivational speakers when they’re working?   Check out this (admittedly) home made video of a job I just did in Alabama for the DAU.   (Defense Acquisition University.)   They asked me to be their military speaker and present a funny speech for their hard working group.

Check out this 3 min. video to see what a fairly typical date is like for me:

What’s my point? I’m not sure I have one.  But I can tell you this:   defense acquisition universitymotivational speakers work hard.  The travel, preparation and details can be taxing.  But what we get out of it (at least for the good speakers) is way more than a pay check.    We have fun.  I know I did.

Are YOU looking for a funny motivational speaker?  I’d love to be your guy.    Go to the contact page. (Even if you don’t have a space shuttle next door.)

Learn more about my speaking for military audiences.

Brad Montgomery
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Some testimonials from DAU about my work as a military speaker. Go there now.
See the military speaker testimonial on YouTube
More info about what I offer military and related audiences. Go there now.
See the same Behind the Scenes of a Motivational Speaker video (above) on YouTube.

If I were booking a health care motivational speaker, I’d want to know if they can actually do what they say.  Wouldn’t you?

I’m just back from Tyler, Texas where I was charged with being a motivational speaker for Trinity Mother Francis Hospital and their leadership team;  Directors, Managers, & C-Level Administrators.  It was an amazing off site event.  We laughed, we cried, — ok, we didn’t really cry — and best of all, we learned.

Part of my job was to motivate these leaders to go back and in turn motivate their teams to excel at customer service.  This hospital is amazing, but recently had a key score regarding customer service drop a tiny bit.  They of course wanted to get those numbers back up…. and this is where I came in.

Check out the video here:

Thanks Tyler!   You rock Mary Mother Francis!

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Ok, for those of you who prefer to read, here’s the transcript of the health care speaker testimonial video.

Hi, I’m Tricia Cline with Trinity Mother Francis Hospitals and Clinics in Tyler, Texas.  We had an event today; we were looking for the right speaker to deliver the right message for the right inspiration for what we need for healthcare change.

We all know in healthcare everyday it’s a different world.  We’re stressing over what the changes are going to be and how we’re going to be still delivering great patient care.  Brad Montgomery is your man.

He is the one who can bring it together for you with fun, laughter and interaction of your staff.  So if you’re looking for the right message, the right person, the right man, he is your deliverer.  Thanks.

Another thing I would like to add about Brad Montgomery:  we had major concerns about how we were going to deliver the message, how we’re going to feel it in our heart, and Brad brought us together as a group and as a team.  That as a team, and as a group, and as a family of healthcare providers, we can deliver the very best to our patients, our customers, their family members and then to our group and our society here in Tyler, Texas.  And he can do the very same thing to deliver that message for you wherever you are.

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Check out this amazing letter from a group of health care professionals at Paoli Hospital in Pennsylvania.

My job was to motivate a bunch of nurses to lead their nursing teams, especially when it comes to excellence in end of life care, palliative care and hospice care.

I’ve been a hospice and palliative speaker many times in the past, so this was a comfort zone.  Plus I love speaking for hospital and health care groups.

But this group was special:  they had been through three days of training;  three days of speakers.  And my job was to spend the afternoon with them and tie up all of their learning into one big, funny, motivational package.  It was a blast.  Thanks Paoli!

Ok, here’s the letter about my work in Pennsylvania:

Hi Brad,

Just wanted to say “THANKS”….you were great, and got awesome feedback.  I asked class participants to rate each speaker on a scale of 1 (bad) to 5 (best).  Pretty much everyone gave you all 5’s, except for a few that gave you 10’s!  How cool is that!!

You really helped the class get excited about taking their new knowledge back to their colleagues.  One nurse from one of our local nursing homes, told me that she was so excited about going back to educate her colleagues & she felt it was the best conference she had ever been to!

You should feel good about yourself because you were definitely part motivating this group of nurses, and as a result many people with very serious illness will benefit; and have an easier time at one of the most difficult times of their lives.  I realy appreciated that you took time to make it so relevant to our group.

I am attaching the group picture (the nurses from Oman sent it to me…..they loved the class….it was really fun to see them loosen up….although I can’t imaging what they think of us here in the US now!)

Thanks again!


PS:  Next year I’ll look for the scratch & sniff hospital-smells stickers, instead of the Fruit smells.
Thought you’d want to know….Clostridium difficile, often called “C. diff,” is a bacterium that can cause symptoms ranging from diarrhea to life-threatening inflammation of the colon. Illness from C. diff most commonly affects older adults in hospitals or in long term care facilities and typically occurs after use of antibiotic medications.
Smells like…..MOLDY…like stale bread…tinged with a little skunk…and allowed to ferment to give it that special smelled ya don’t want to get to know ya effect.

PPS:  I’m copying my boss on this, she’s really going to think I’m nuts now!


Here are a few more comments from you “evaluations”….don’t get too big of a head now…..

Amazing speaker, great humor.  EXCELLENT!  Best speaker that I have ever heard.  Loved him!  Phenomenal speaker!  HAPPY, HAPPY!   Great speaker…I really enjoyed him!  Excellent…Fun!  I LOVED it!   Fantastic, entertaining & informative!  Great fun!  Excellent…the Best!  Excellent job!  Funny, hilarious!  Main Line Health should have him come for all the employees!  Excellent presenter! Please have him come once a year…he was wonderful!  AWESOME!!!  Fantastic…great take-away message!   FUN!  Best I have ever heard! Hilarious!  Really got us motivated.  Awesome speaker!  Taught a lot of good skills such as listening and team work.  That was COOL!  GREAT!  What an amazing speaker….Brad was the perfect way to conclude this training….thank you!

Looking for a health care speaker for your event? Contact me here.

If you think levity and lightheartedness are important to corporate America, join the crowd. In particular, join the good folks at Microsoft Finance. (My third job with Microsoft, my first with the Finance crew.)

I worked with this group recently in Seattle, Washington and, like most of my favorite clients, I learned at least as much from them as they learned from me.

I was totally impressed with this organization. (If you read my blog you know that I rarely say that.)

Why? Let me count the ways:

  • I was impressed with the transparency of the organization. I was impressed how everything was on the table…. I heard candid discussions on the recent (and odd) TV commercials, the aborted attempt to buy Yahoo, the fact that Vista’s popularity could still be better. Contrast this openness with many of my other (unnamed) clients who spend more time about what I cannot talk about than what their folks need to hear.
  • I was impressed the people. They are good people who love their families, work exceptionally hard, and are very loyal to each other and their company. And they are smart. Freaky smart.
  • This group was fun loving. They like each other, and it showed. They were, as my Grandmother always says, easy to be with. They were easy to laugh. Ready with fun anecdotes and conversation. They were a far cry from what any of us might expect from folks who work in a high tech industry in a department suck as “finance.”

Near the end of our time together we split into groups and brainstormed ideas about safe ways to create more levity and humor at Microsoft. We heard a bunch of great ideas…but check out one tables very specific ideas about how to increase the levity at the office.

1. Friday Jokes

2. Laugh at every meeting

3. Happy Button

4. Monday stories of weekend adventures

5. Share embarrassing stories

6. Dance in the focus rooms

7. Dance every time you hear or see a °?GO DO°±

8. Baby picture ID badges

9. Word Bingo _ Drowning the puppies – (who ever imagined we would here these words together!)

10. Hawaiian shirt day

11. Match the story to the person

12. e-flowers/emoticons

But what was my favorite part? It came 10 days after I left Seattle when I heard that CFO John Rex bought a Nerf Gun to attack his team. (And, as a follow up, his awesome assistant Amelia bought guns for the rest of the team so they can create a defensive strategy.) Fun? You bet. Soon? Now…”Let’s buy Nerf Guns!”

Humor, levity and lightheartedness help us with morale, creativity, energy, communication, and – in the end – productivity. It was unbelievably cool to share this message withi Microsoft Finance. But it was even cooler to see that they “got it.”


Thanks So Much, MSFNA!


Brad Montgomery



  • They were eager to ramp up the fun. They were ready to share best humor practices with each other and with me.

You Be the Judge:  Which Marshmallow is “Perfectly Roasted?”

Ok, so my family went camping in the Colorado Rocky Mountains — and had an epic marshmallow-roasting-contest.  My kids thought they roasted the perfect marshmallow.  But I thought I had it nailed.  “Dad!  Put photos on your speaker blog!”   So here they are.

Will you help us judge the contest?  Who do YOU think won?

Cast your votes below!  Which Marshmallow is perfect?  Leave your choice (and the reason you voted for it) below.

Roasted marshmallows

Let the voting begin!  Which one is the winner?

(No, this has nothing to do with being a happiness motivational speaker. But darn, it’s pretty fun.  And you can solve a family fight.  So vote now and pick the winner.

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Chris Farley Motivational Speaker

Your Motivational Speaker Sucks

Seriously. How do you know if the motivational speaker you’re considering for your huge conference or event is any good?

The Chris Farley “Down by the River” horrible motivational speaker skits were hilarious… but sometimes it isn’t funny.  There ARE some horrible motivational speakers out there.  And there are way MORE mediocre speakers.

Update:  see Brad’s latest take on Chris Farley / Matt Foley Motivational Speaker Down By the River

How do you make sure that — for your meeting or convention — you not only have a decent speaker… you have an excellent one?  The answer is simple:  do your homework.

If I were hiring a professional speaker, I’d want to have some serious references and referrals.   I’m proud of mine…check out this video from a huge tech company I worked for recently:

Aw Shucks!

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Interested in details about which program I presented for this client?  Go here.

Brad Montgomery
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Or see the Happiness motivational speaker video on YOUTUBE.

We’re pumped.  My new preview is out.  Give it a look! If you’re looking for a funny motivational speaker for YOUR event or meeting, we hope this pushes you over the top.


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