I’m just recently back from doing my motivational speaker thing for the lunch ladies of New York state.  Yeah, they had a fancier name for their association, but heck, they apparently love the name Lunch Ladies.  (Which was especially funny because there are plenty of dude “lunch ladies.”)

They were fun. We laughed. We cried*. We danced.     *Kidding, we didn’t cry.  But yes, we danced.

Check out the evaluations they sent….Yippee!  They had as much fun as I did.

….Yes, I’ll send a letter of recommendation. But I can do better than that- I just received the attendee’s comments from Carol in Albany, and will pass those along for you to use as we are VERY SATISFIED customers!!

Here we go:

Motivational speaker Brad Montgomery was EXCELLENT!!”

“Saturday morning with Brad Montgomery was the best part of the Conference!”

“Very good- Great speaker- Brad Montgomery!!”

“GREAT Conference- Brad Montgomery was WONDERFUL!!”

“Blowing Things Up with Brad Montgomery was my favorite program at Conference- VERY motivating!!”

“#1 favorite program was definitely Brad Montgomery’s General Session!”

“Brad Montgomery delivered an excellent custom-made message to us, using good old fashioned clean, intelligent HUMOR!”

“It was so much fun to listen to (and participate!!) with Brad Montgomery. He is not your typical, (sometimes boring) Conference speaker!!”

So… needless to say, we were so happy YOU were able to join us and contribute so much to our NYSNA Conference 2012 in Niagara Falls!!!

THANK YOU again, Brad-
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There are a few organizations that are close to my heart.  Diabetes because my daughter is a Type 1 Diabetic  Alzheimer’s because it took my mom when she was young.  And hospice because both my grandmother and my mom saw the amazing benefit and power of hospice.  (As did my family…hospice helps the survivors too.)

I recently got to speak at a health care conference for hospice and palative care folks in my home town of Denver, Colorado.  It was a hoot.  They gave so much to me and my family a short time ago, and it was a TOTALY honor to give just a teensy bit back to them.

I loved them.   Happily the feeling was (at least sort of) mutual.  Check out this nice letter.

Brad Montgomery
Brad Montgomery Productions
Dear Brad,
As a seasoned meeting professional, I have never participated In a keynote presentation quite like yours.

It was truly spectacular! The Colorado Center for Hospice & Palliative Care Fall Conference was brought to a close with your uplifting, funny, lively, engaging presentation and we are so grateful to you for that!
On behalf of the Education Committee and the Board of Directors, we want to thank you for your gift of the closing keynote presentation for our conference. It was truly special and greatly appreciated by all.
You made it crystal clear that happiness and laughter have a place in the working world of hospice and palliative care. If we can’t share it with those around us and those we work with, we are doing a disservice to all. You spoke of giving back to the hospice community and I can confirm that you have done that and so much more…
Kindest regards,
K. Smith
Colorado Center for Hospice & Palliative

Looking for a health care speaker who knows how to connect to your audience?  Who is funny? Not just sort of funny but REALLY funny?  Who can help your people be their best?

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Think that being calm is over rated?  With all the search for tranquility, hunting for your Zen, and looking for peace and quiet, is there anybody out there with concrete ideas about how to act on the way to our happy place?   How do we appear calm when we are not?

The Chicago Tribune writer Heidi Stevens called and asked me for some tips for How to Fake Being Calm.  I was thrilled when they published my article.  They wanted  tips for appearing cool, calm and collected, even as our hearts and minds are racing.  It was fun to write, and (with permission) here it is for you.

1. Find something to do with your hands.  When we’re freaked out, we don’t eat, tie our shoes, or sharpen our pencils.   We cease to do pedestrian things tasks.  Therefore, if you want to fake being calm, look for something boring to do.    As a professional speaker, my clients often are shocked to see me eat before a speech.  They think, “Look at him!  He’s as cool as a cucumber — he’s eating pot roast!”  Next time you need to fake calm, let them see you casually do something boring.

2. Ask questions about the boring details.  If somebody asks you to jump out of the plane and you want to appear calm, ask them about inconsequential details.  “What color is the plane?”  “Is there a beverage on the flight?”  “Is Larry still flying for that outfit?”  When you go for the details instead of shouting, “But I could kill myself!”  or “How do I know the parachute will work?” they’ll never know you’re a faker.

3. Use the cliche and you won’t need to fake it: “Will this event matter in five years?”   The answer is nearly always, “no.”   Next time you’re craving some calm, ask yourself about the long-term consequences of whatever is bothering you and there’s a decent chance that you won’t even need to fake finding your inner Zen.

4. Sometimes we need time to hide before we can be good fakers. Next time you’re faced with something alarming, excuse yourself with some casual phrase like, “Oh, that sounds fascinating!   But can you give me the details after I use the restroom?”  Hide in the restroom, get yourself together, and come out ready to fake serenity.

5. Ask the question, “What did you learn from that?”  When presented with a crisis, casually ask the messenger this question and let them talk.  And they will.  Give knowing nods and casual,  “Hmmms” while they go on and on.  While they are talking, you’ll appear calm while you figure out a way to be calm.

6. Ask yourself, WWYD?   What would Yoda do?  This works for two reasons — has anybody been cooler under duress than that little green dude?   Learn from your inner Jedi and copy the Master.  Second, it’s such a silly concept — using a puppet as a role model — it can’t but help deliver perspective to whatever seems like a calamity.   Act calm…. it is your destiny!


Brad Montgomery is a funny motivational speaker and who makes business meetings less boring .  Learn more about how he fakes calm at https://www.bradmontgomery.com//

Thanks Tribune.  It was fun being part of your team, even for just that issue.

Do you need a motivational speaker for your event and are freaking out?  No need to fake calm;  just contact us here and we’ll help make your meeting a success.

Brad Montgomery
Calm Faker, Motivational Speaker, Speaker about Stress at Work, Fan of the Chicago Tribune


Here’s some not very surprising news: turns out when social scientists study what impact a person has on a team, a negative person has a negative impact on the group. This means if you add a negative person to your team, Negative Nellie Olsen is able to pull the team down. Remember Little House on the Prairie?  Laura never would have gotten in half the trouble she did, but for Nellie Olsen. Nellie’s negativity managed to ruin all kinds of things for Laura, until Pa put her straight. (How many think Michael Landon was a stupid casting choice for Pa? Where’s the beard?  Where’s the twinkling blue eyes? And what’s with the California salon tan and the permed hair? I know, I know, he was the producer, so he got the starring role. But still…)

Anyway, the opposite is also true. The addition of a positive person to the team brings the whole team up. Positive Pollyanna is a winner! A young girl, Pollyanna Whittier, brings an entire town in Vermont to gladness. If you don’t believe me, read the book or see the Disney movie. (Pollyanna, by Eleanor H. Porter, pub. 1913; Disney film, released 1960, starring Hayley Mills. (Don’t you just love Hayley Mills?  The Parent Trap; The Flame Trees of Thika. I thought she was in Born Free, but that was someone else. Don’t you just love the internet? No wonder it takes me so long to write these blog posts.)

One small bummer—apparently Negative Nellie has a greater impact on the team than Positive Pollyanna does. I don’t know, though. I think Pollyanna could take Nellie Olsen in a smackdown. Nellie is a wuss!

So who do you want to be? Optimistic yet tough Pollyanna? Or whiny, wussy Nellie Olsen? What impact do you want to have on your organization? On your marriage, family, work situation, wine club, or swim team? All are organizations, all are teams, and all are affected by Pollyannas and Nellies.

The way I see it, is you have three choices:

  • Choosing to be negative. Who would do that? Who wakes up wanting to bring everyone down? Yet there are people who are vortexes of negative energy. Psychic vampires as a friend of mine calls them. Is this a conscious choice made by these Nellies, or is their attitude taken by accident or years of habit? One can only hope it’s accidental. (See my blog about Attitude Adjustment for more information about choosing your attitude)

  • A net zero impact. Meaning, a person is neither negative nor positive, or that their positivity and optimism are equally balanced by their negativity and pessimism. They are in “Equilibrium.” (Remember that from High School chemistry? I loved that word—equilibrium. That’s the only thing I loved about chemistry.) Again, I ask you, who picks that? Do we really want to be equally up and equally down, basically a flat line? Not me!

  • A positive impact. (Hint:  Best choice!!) These people leave a positive legacy. Again, this result could often be accidental, but, and here’s the clincher, it doesn’t have to be.

So ask yourself this question: What can I do to make myself a Pollyanna? How can I make my workplace a happier place. Or my family-life happier? Or my life in general?

You know, Pollyanna’s are often viewed pejoratively (now isn’t that a $100 word), meaning that it’s not a complimentary term. “Pollyanna” often refers to someone who’s blithely naïve or unconcerned about just how drastic the particular situation is. But if you look at the original Pollyanna, she’s not this way at all.  Pollyanna decided to be someone who had a positive outlook. She played a game called “The Glad Game,” taught to her by her father, where she would try to turn the most depressing situation into something positive. For example, as a gift she received a pair of crutches (a really crappy gift), but turned it around by finding the good side—how glad she was not to have to use them!

Okay, it seems a little corny in today’s hurly-burly, modern, seriously screwed-up world. But guess what? The world when Pollyanna was written was seriously screwed-up also. It was the eve of World War I. People were uncertain and unsettled. Financial crises were common, money was tight, and recession a reality. Sound familiar?

The problems of today are, frankly, the same problems of yesterday, just the gift-wrap is different. That’s why it’s more important than ever to be a Pollyanna. Make it a conscious choice, like Pollyanna did. Be honest about which accidental group you belong to. Don’t be a flatliner. Especially don’t be a Nellie Olsen, and responsible for locking your group, your family, your workplace in the cellar of misery. (That was a cool movie too—Misery, based on the Stephen King novel. Hayley Mills wasn’t in it.)

Decide to be Pollyanna and lift people up. Call yourself a balloon, if you don’t like calling yourself a Pollyanna.  (Although it’s going to be kind of weird trying to explain why your name-tag says, “Balloon” on it.  Come to think of it, it might be weird answering to “Pollyanna” also, especially if you’re 6’2” and sport a mustache.)

So be a balloon. Choose Pollyanna. Soar with the eagles. Don’t be a Nellie Olsen. Avoid flat-lining. Or think up your own metaphor. You can do it!

Motivational Speaker and Happiness Speaker

Book Brad—He’s a happiness speaker. More importantly, he’s a Pollyanna. If you’re looking for  motivational speaker who speaks about happiness and who gives specific tools and strategies for boosting your psyche, then consider Brad Montgomery, Pollyanna, helium balloon and a genuinely fun and funny guy. He’s the only happiness speaker he knows.

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Humorist Speaker, Happiness Expert, Seminar Leader


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I was recently in Maine speaking for a bank for their annual employee meeting/event.  They charged me with being a motivational speaker specific for the banking and finance industry.   The bottom line, is that like so many of my banking and credit  union clients, they are going through a culture change:  the entire organization is being forced into a culture where they do better than good;  they need to do great.  And along the way they need to make sure that ALL of their financial service offerings are made available to all of their clients all of the time.

Translation:  they are moving to a sales culture.  And they needed me to help them find happiness in this business change.

It was a good time;  and happily it was very well received by the organization and the C-Level folks.  Check out this video:


Looking for a banking or financial services motivational speaker for your event? Need an experienced outside presenter to come in, customize a program, and deliver a motivational speech that will help your people get to where you want them to be?  Contact me here.

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Speaker, Humorist, Seminar Leader

For you folks who prefer to read, here’s the transcript to the video:

It compares absolutely tremendously. We had, everyone was rapt attention throughout the room. We were joking. We only had one person leave the room the whole time. But it was great. Everyone enjoyed Brad’s sense of humor and his sense of humor with a message was really good for us. I’m going to bring a sense of humor to work that I’ve never had the courage to bring.

What the CEO of Kennebunk Savings Bank Has To Say About Brad as a Motivational Speaker

I am Brad Page. I am the President and CEO at Kennebunk Savings Bank and we just had our annual meeting, which we do once a year for all of our employees as a thank you but when we put the meeting together we always try to deliver some sort of message to them. We are going through a lot of change recently with different cultural things that we are trying to do and we were looking for someone to help us facilitate that change in the organization. So we also wanted to do it in a way that everyone would actually pay attention and be interested in it. So Brad had a great balance of humor with what was actually a very strong message at points and inspirational I think for all of our employees and kept their attention and I’m very happy with how the evening turned out. I learned to lead happy. We want our employees to be successful and we know that they can be. Sometimes they need that little bit more of prodding, almost a suck it up message that needs to be delivered, but, you know, you’ve got to be careful how you deliver that message and I think this evening Brad was able to do that using again, his great sense of humor, something everyone could relate to. It wasn’t something everyone turned off. They were waiting to hear what he was going to say next and it wasn’t subliminal but it was a great message delivery and in a way that was not offensive or turning off people. I just think it was a really nice job.

Oh, it was fantastic. It was very entertaining and worthwhile.

I am going to have fun. What did you learn? How to be happy. If you’re not happy it’s not worth showing up.

How to look for the brighter side of life.

We are going to act happy. And what did you learn? Find happy, act happy, leave happy, **** happy.

I’m going to have fun.

What did you learn? How to be happy. If you’re not happy it’s not worth showing up.

He was very entertaining. I liked him a lot.

What did you learn? I learned the biggest thing is that we, the train is moving and we’ve got to get on it so we’ve got to act the right way for the culture because it’s not going to change.

 Three More banking speaker Videos on Youtube
Banking speaker in Indiana
Funny Credit Union Speaker
Speaker for Credit Unions

I love being a speaker.  But sometimes being a Colorado speaker is exactly what the doctor orders.  No trip through Denver International, I get to  hve dinner with my wife and kids, and best of all, I learn from some of the coolest local foks my home state has to offer.

Check out this recent video of a program I did from some cool government folks up in the Colorado Rocky Mountains:


For you folks who prefer to read, here’s the transcript to the video:

We often forget to laugh. We are overstressed and sometimes you are in that cycle where you are going, “I have so much to do. I can’t meet all the community demands” and this recognizes that we really do accomplish an enormous amount every day and it’s because of our kind hearts, our dedicated team and Brad helped elevate that energy and reminds us to laugh throughout the day, to recognize that we have a choice in the happiness and gave us some trigger points that we can institute this into our culture.

Hey it’s Brad Montgomery from BradMontgomery.com. I just was a motivational speaker for Eagle County, Colorado for the Health & Human Services. Oh, it was a blast; really great people doing hard work. They are underappreciated. They are overworked, they are under everything yet they’ve got one of the most important jobs in their county and it was just an absolute pleasure to be part of their team. Actually the feedback was pretty good so check it out. Thanks.

Brad Montgomery – A Humorist and Motivational Speaker Who Will Bring Laughter To Your Organization

“For this meeting we brought in Brad Montgomery, a humorist and motivational speaker. He made us laugh, he made us recognize the great work that we do every day that serves our community at large and gave thanks to our great team members for their passion, excitement, dedication and commitment to community. I encourage all government agencies, especially Health & Human Services with the demanding stress loads and diminishing resources to bring Brad Montgomery in to really help raise the energy, remind us to laugh and recognize the great work that our team does every day.”

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Speaker, Humorist, Seminar Leader

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I was cruising through the blog-o-sphere the other day. (Doesn’t that word (blog-o-sphere) put you in mind of a hamster in one of those clear plastic rolley things that they run around in? Maybe that’s what we really are: a bunch of hamsters in rolley plastic things cruising from blog post to blog post, bouncing off them and then heading the other way. Or maybe not.) Anyway, as I was cruising, I ran across this article on Forbes.com.

Hey, I said to myself, this article is called “10 Steps to Happiness at Work.” I speak about Happiness at Work. I know how to read. I need to totally read this article.

Then I saw the picture of Beyonce Knowles advertising face cream, clicked on that, and off I went in my hamster-like rolley thing . . . . No, really, I did read the article, and after thinking about it, decided to write about it. Isn’t that what we all took English class for way back in the day?

So this guy, Srikumar Rao, wrote a book called Happiness at Work, and Forbes took some of the ideas from it and condensed it down to “10 Steps to Happiness at Work.” As if you can find happiness at work or in life or anywhere by simply following steps. Actually, isn’t that what we all want out of a self-help book: the magic answer. Follow my 10 Steps, 7 Habits, 50 Shades, 3 Stooges (okay, those were for me), and life will be simple.

Well, guess what folks? Life ain’t simple. And neither is happiness. But sometimes, it could be well, maybe a little, eensie, weensie bit simpler. That’s not to say I didn’t like what Mr. Rao had to say (I know, I know, he’s my competition, I shouldn’t say nice things—but you know, I’m just following some of his advice: Don’t waste time being jealous. I think that was number 5, or maybe 6.). Anyway, without having read his book, and going off of what Forbes.com wrote, which who knows, if the writer isn’t very good at writing book reports, could be way off the mark, and I think I’m digressing into a run-on sentence…. Mrs. Nelson, my fifth grade English teacher, would be very upset right now. STOP READING MRS. NELSON.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say, is that Mr. Rao has some pretty complicated and profound things to say about happiness in the workplace. Deep stuff. In fact, I would guess that his ideas are drawn from thousands of years of human philosophy and religion and wisdom, which Forbes.com condensed into 10 Steps, so they can sell more magazines and raise advertising dollars. (Thousands of years into 10 Steps—Imagine! And with pretty pictures!) Here are some of the steps to a happier life:

  • Stop labeling yourself
  • Don’t be jealous
  • Let go of grudges
  • Invest in the process, not the outcome
  • Think about other people
  • Find passion in you and not your job
  • Stop wanting so much
  • Be mindful

This is all great stuff, and I heartily subscribe to it. But although Forbes.com has the 10 Steps, along with the pretty pictures, it certainly doesn’t have the “How in the heck am I supposed to Let Go of Grudges,” part of the 10 Steps. Or the “How do I Invest in the Process, Not the Outcome, and by the way, what the heck does that mean exactly?”

Of course, we could all read Mr. Rao’s book and find out. But even if we did, we might be back where we started. My point simply is that people from Sufi mystics to Native American shamans, to Buddhist monks and Christian saints have been looking for ways to achieve all of these things, to practice all of these things, ever since cave man days, and holy cow (that’s a Hindu reference, BTW), it ain’t easy to do. (Did you like the way I tried to get in all of the different major religions in there? I’m sure I missed several, but I tried.). Of course I know I should be more mindful, but what can I do now, this minute, to raise my happiness quotient at work? It’s a mystery. One of the great mysteries of life really, along with, Why are we Here? What is Our Purpose? And Where Did I Put my Car Keys?

So how does one achieve Happiness at Work? Short of, that is, abandoning all your worldly goods and heading off to live in a cave somewhere to practice yoga and smoke peyote? Although if you do that, you wouldn’t have work to go to anymore, which might raise your happiness. (Certainly the peyote would.)

But seriously, I think a good start to finding some happiness and satisfaction in work and in life would be to read Mr. Rao’s book and really take the time to ingest, understand, and then practice what he has to say. I tell my audiences all the time that it takes time and effort to really achieve happiness, that it’s something worth working for, but that it doesn’t come automatically. Wow. What I think I’m saying is a lot like what Mr. Rao is saying: that you have to be mindful of happiness. That you have to recognize it when it comes and celebrate it when it comes.

However if you don’t have three weeks or even the desire to read a book (you didn’t read that Mrs. Nelson!!!!), another idea for boosting your happiness at work would be to hire me to come motivate you and your work-mates. You don’t always need a 1000 page book to put you on the road to job satisfaction. You need a motivational speaker on How to Be Happy at Work. That’s me!!

There are some concrete ideas and actions all of us can do to increase our


Happiness Speaker Brad Montgomery

happiness at work, without having to engage in deep philosophical thinking. I can help you. I can tell you what they are. But you have to call me. If you call me, I’ll tell you ONE concrete action step that you can use to increase your job satisfaction. To get the rest, you’ll have to hire me. Who knows? There might even be 10. But you won’t know unless you call.

So call Brad Montgomery today, and learn about my 10 Real-Life Ways to Help You Find Happiness at Work. Actually, I have 11 ways. Who wants to just have a lousy 10. I might even have 14. Call Brad Montgomery, Motivational Speaker, Humorist and Expert on Job Satisfaction, Happiness at Work, and Finding Your Car Keys.

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Yippee!  Nothing warms the heart like letters from happy clients.  I was a motivational speaker in California recently, and received this REALLY nice letter from my clients.  Aw Shucks!   I’m proud to say that a HUGE portion of work comes from word-of-worth from past clients.  I’m proud of that fact.

Here’s the letter…thanks again Christina!


I wanted to write and thank you once again for coming out to Los Angeles last week to speak to our guests.

As we discussed, our industry, like many others, has been hard hit by the economy. We struggle each day to hit targets trying to sell a product that many people just cannot afford. Our organization is made up of a variety of individuals from various companies and although each of us faces different struggles each day, you somehow managed to touch each person in that room in one way or another. You had everyone laughing and still managed to get a very important point across.

I know I personally left with one very clear goal: find my “how cool is that” moments each and every day. I am proud to say that I am doing just that. You really have made a difference in not only my outlook, but others as well. The day after you spoke at our meeting, several attendees emailed me just to tell me that they left that room feeling 110% better than when they walked in. Another individual said that for one hour, we were able to get away from our desks and really sit and enjoy each other’s company, realize are lives really aren’t that bad, and listen to a truly outstanding speaker.

CAIP holds an event like this each year, but generally we choose industry related individuals to speak on very dry, mundane topics. Although truly educational, people generally really only attend because they earn CE credits (we need them to maintain a license to do what we do…technical mumbo jumbo). This was the first year people walked out with a smile, thanked us for putting on such a great event, and stated that they were looking forward to next year. THIS WAS A FIRST! And I know it was because of you; for that, we thank you.

Brad, it was a pleasure working with you and your staff. I truly hope that we will meet again at another event in which you have once again been asked to put a smile on our faces, which I know you will succeed at doing!

Thank you again!


C. Findley  CAIP


If you’re looking for a motivational speaker for your event — whether or not you’re in California — give us a call.  We’ll learn more about your event and work up a proposal about  how we might help get your group to where they need to be.

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I was recently in California working for the California Association of Insurance Professionals working for a small group of hard-working office folks.  They came to the meeting looking for some continuing education credits, some motivation and inspiration … and some laughs.  Sounds like it was up my alley.

I spoke to them about how happiness can be used as a business tool to improve our bottom line performance. It was a blast…good people.

Here’s a video:

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