I recently got back from Scott Air Force Base in Missouri.  I was totally pleased to learn that the commander was interested in creating greater resiliency for his Airmen.   So my job was to do just that…but in a very funny way of course.   We had a blast… Thanks Scott!  Thanks Col. Hornachek!


Brad with Colonel Hornachek

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Yup. And I have proof. Check out these two photos taken about 2 minutes apart at a recent event at Lockheed in Washington DC.

Business speaker

Brad talking about leadership

And then later….


Brad Makes Them Laugh

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Brad Montgomery
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I love being a motivational speaker. But honestly, there are some jobs that are more fun than others. And for me, that often means military audiences. (Hey corporate and association pals… I love you too! But you got to admit it: the military is special.)  If you’re looking for a military speaker you want to make sure they are good; check out this video from an Air Force event I did….


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Brad Montgomery
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For those of you who prefer to read, here is the transcript:

Speaker: And in all of the years that we have done this, this was the absolute top event and over the top, hit the message right on.

Brad: The point is that tiny, tiny changes when added together can make a huge difference.

Speaker: I wasn’t quite sure going in. We had a couple of questions; was it the right speaker? Was it the right message? I have no doubts today. If you’re out there, you know, Sergeant Snuffy, Airman, Colonel, Mister looking at an event, Brad was the guy. He was a great guy for our event. Everybody left from the top to the bottom knowing it was one message. For our group, two at the same time, you know in the military we’re an industry. Time is important. Saving money is important and what we do every day, and we can either enjoy it, or we can make our lives miserable and regret all the cuts that’s coming down the line, and he just picked everybody up and gave us a new focus where we can look at life a little bit differently and go out and do our jobs, so hey, book Brad Montgomery

I love being a motivational speaker;  but being a motivational speaker for the Air Force is very, VERY cool.    I recently spoke at Scott Air Force Base in Missouri.  Their commander wanted a funny speaker to speak on resilience and attitude.  I was thrilled to be invited.

Check out this phone video I took:

Thanks Scott AFB!

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Brad Montgomery
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For those of you who prefer to read, here is the transcript:

Brad Montgomery from BradMontgomery.com and I’m at Scott Air Force Base and I’m about to go in that theatre, it’s theatre, it doesn’t look like a theatre, but it’s a theatre and there’s going to be a whole bunch of airmen in there; there’s going to be some Marines, National Guard; there might be Navy, might be Coast Guard; everyone is here at Scott.  And my job is go and motivate these guys that have been busting their hump, they’re working hard, and happily their Commander really thinks it’s important for them to work on resilience and making sure that the rest of their life is in line with their mission.  So wish me luck.

A blast!  We just left the base.  Oh man, two programs we did, two key notes for these military audiences.  Really love being a motivational speaker.  My corporate clients, I love you; association clients I love you too; government clients, I love you, but okay, forgive me.  There’s something really cool about being a military speaker, because this is a group that just works so hard and some of them are just back from deployment, they’re preparing for deployment.  They have these super, incredible, important, detail rich jobs and then to stand in front of them and to be able to celebrate their success, to talk about resiliency, to motivate them, to appreciate them, and just to be a part of that for just a little bit is just a cool job.  So, Scott Air Force Base you rock.  Thanks for making me a part of your team if it was only just for the day and cheers to you.

Like you, I’m always looking for ways to make me happy. Some of us find happiness in service, in the bottom of a bourbon bottle, exercising, etc. But we all know you cannot buy happiness…right? Wrong. Check out this video where I was able to buy a GREAT mood for $2.50:

As a motivational speaker I often speak on contacting happiness to bottom line success.

Turns out that all we really need is a light heart and a trip to 7-11.

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Brad Montgomery
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For those of you who prefer to read, here is the transcript:

Brad Montgomery from BradMontgomery.com with a message for you about what are you going to do today to make your day better. So, I did something really cool that I sort of did by accident. I used to do it pretty frequently and I kind of forgot about it, but the bottom line is I bought two people a cup of coffee, which doesn’t sound that fun, but it was. So, I’m on my way to a job and I stopped by 711 for a cup of coffee, because I have high standards, and I’m pouring my coffee and there’s these two Mexicans come in and they’re getting coffee. And I talked to them in English, but they’re speaking Spanish to each other and if you don’t know this, I lived in Mexico last year, so I have this really deep bond with just all things Mexican, because when we were in Mexico, I’m telling you countless Mexicans went way out of their way to be generous to me and to my kids, my wife, and to my family. So, I’m thinking of that and I’m kind of too shy to speak Spanish to them and whatever.

So then I get up there and I greet them, you know, in English, and I get up there to pay for my coffee and I just figured, oh I want to pay for those guys. There’s two guys over there getting coffee, when they get up here make it free and don’t tell them who did it, just tell them that somebody bought their coffee and to have a good day. And I’m wondering if they speak English, because they clearly, you know they were speaking Spanish to each other. Anyway, so I taught her how to say have a good day” in case they didn’t know and I felt great about it and the cashier got a big grin on her face, because I think she felt like oh, cool I’m going to be part of something fun. And I walk out of the door yelling to myself that was fun, and when I turn back the cahier still had a big grin on her face.

So, sometime after I left those guys walked up and got a free cup of coffee and guess what, it made me feel good. Hopefully, it made their day good, but mostly it made me feel great and it was kind of a great way to pay it forward, and it only cost me like $2.50 or something ridiculous.

So, what am I saying? I’m saying take responsibility for making your day good. Find stuff to physically do to make you day good and I was reminded today that one good idea is to buy some stranger a cup of coffee. Alright, Brad Montgomery, BradMontgomery.com, if you’re looking for a speaker, a motivational speaker, or a presenter to speech a key note or seminar for you or your organization about levity and lightheartedness and how to bring that into the workplace, I’d love to be your guy, and I’ll even buy you a cup of coffee. Have a great day.

Years ago I used to do a ton of elementary school assemblies. I was in my 20’s, and I combined being a magician with a literacy message to create my version of the Magic of Books.

As most of you know, not I’m primarily a motivational speaker for adults. But there are exceptions: check out this video:

Thanks kids. You absolutely made my day.

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For those of you who prefer to read, here is the transcript:

Hey it’s Brad Montgomery from BradMontgomery.com. I just finished doing the Rolling Creek Elementary School (it was a school assembly) in Elizabeth, Colorado. I’ve got to say, I don’t do that many, I used to do a zillion assemblies, hundreds a year, but now I do like maybe one every other month and I’ve got to say if I had more time, I’d do more, because oh they’re fun. I forgot how much fun those kids are. You know, I do way more magic for the kids then I do at my adult motivational programs, and the kids they just have this energy and this crazy buzz about them that is irresistible and honestly even the bad kids, the kids that are just borderline misbehaving, have such a great energy. They’re not misbehaving because they are bad kids, they’re just misbehaving because they’re excited and they’re jazzed and they’re laughing and whatever, and so that’s really cool.

So, the other thing that I thought was interesting is when I was doing this before, when I was doing it for a living, you know when I was doing hundreds a year, I was younger. I didn’t have kids. I didn’t know as much as I know now and now here I am with three kids. My youngest is in her last year of elementary school. I was a foster dad last year. I just feel like I totally get kids in a different way. I just cherish them and I don’t know, I just have a much greater sense of their deep need to be pushed to do amazing things, and it’s just special to be a part of it.

So, maybe that sounds cheesy, but I don’t care, because it’s true. I love all of my audiences. Honestly, I love my job, but there’s some audiences that are really cool and there was something really cool today about working for little kids who just haven’t had enough access to adults coming in and looking them in the eye and saying hey, this stuff is important, reading is important, you’re important. If you want to have as much power as you have potential for, if you want to be as good as you can be, it’s going to take reading, so get out there and start. It was cool and then, you know we did like a million magic tricks and I made them laugh and I clowned and it was whatever. It was a good day. The magic of books; that was fun.

Thanks very much Rolling Creek Elementary School, I was glad to be part of your team. If you’re looking for an elementary school assembly, this is a literacy assembly, I don’t do very many of them; I don’t have time on the calendar, but if you’re in Colorado definitely give us a call, we’ll see if we can make it work and yeah, thanks. Have a great day.