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Win a copy of Hooked on Humor simply by posting a funny caption.
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A while back (ok, a LONG while back…Hey! I’ve been busy!) I had a caption contest. It was simple, just write the funniest caption to this photo and win a copy of my audio subscription series Hooked on Humor.

caption contest Brad In London

Write a caption: Win a prize.

We had a TON of submissions. The runners up were:

“OK, girly girl. I can take a hint. We’re so over!” — Tom Simms

“Why not? The line is shorter than the one for wedding cake.” — John Kinde

And the winner is:

“Come on you guys…I’ve got the engine running!” — Tom Purcell

Congrats Tom!

Read the rest of the entries here at my Caption Contest 2.  (And add more captions!  Who knows?!)


Brad Montgomery
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I was recently in Austin Texas — I was hired to be a motivational speaker and emcee for the University of Texas Health System Benefits and Human Resources meeting.

The audience was fun, the audience was amazing, the people were fabulous…. but I’m about to show you is a video of the Congress Street bridge bat colony.

Some of you might know that Austin, Texas has a huge colony of bats….one of the largest in the region.

I’ve been trying to see the bats for years. I’ve been to Austin for years. Each time I’m hired to speak in Texas I do my best to see the bats…. each time I’ve failed.

What’s being a motivational speaker got to seeing a gazillion bats? No clue. But darn, it was fun!

For those of you who prefer to read, here is the transcript:

This is Brad Montgomery. I’m about to go out and check out the bats. So I’ve worked in Austin maybe five or six times and have had the chance to go out and look for the bats, I guess a couple times I didn’t have a chance to go. But today I’m going. Wish me luck. I’m going to see the bats, I swear.

Oh my gosh, this is crazy. And it’s so cool.

Brad Montgomery from I’m in Austin, Texas. I’m a motivational speaker and emcee for University of Texas Health Systems HR Benefits Group. I saw the bats. Oh, I’m so glad. I finally saw the bats. I’m over at this bridge, Congress Street. I’ve been here four times with its bat season. Four times in Austin, Texas to see the bats and four times they say, “Oh yeah, they didn’t come out tonight. They usually do, but today we didn’t.” But today, tonight, I saw the bats. Millions, I don’t even know how many bats their are. So cool. And they swirl up and and look like a bat black cloud. It’s very impressive to see them come out of the bridge, but then it’s almost even more impressive to see them up in the air where they swirl like a huge flock of birds, except you realize, no they’re bats and they’re all coming out at exactly the same moment and you hear this little bat squeak. I can’t even make the sound, but it’s really cool. Alright, Brad Montgomery from Texas. I saw the bats! What a good day.

Brad Montgomery
Texas Motivational Speaker, Emcee, and Fan of the Bats!

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