Motivational Speakers as an Investment

The meeting industry is being scrutinized more than ever before.  And that means YOUR meeting is being scrutinized motivational-speaker-audiencemore than a Presidential nominee…. How can we possibly consider any investment in motivational speakers worth while?

What?!  Your organization has suffered through lay-offs and you’re considering bringing in a funny motivational speaker?  He’ll make us laugh and somehow that’s good for business?  You’re kidding, right?

Nope.  Not kidding.  In this bad economy THIS is the time to invest in your employees.  They need help; they need motivation. And if you can do it with laughter, all the better.

Why?   Because the right* motivational speaker will increase your bottom line.

How?  Glad you asked.   Let’s face it, your people already know what to do and how to do it. But they aren’t working fast enough or well enough. They aren’t producing to their potential. They aren’t working at their top capacity.***

The difference between what they are doing and what they are capable of doing is motivation.   Your team is not fully motivated to work as hard, as fast, as creatively, and with out as much oversight as they could if they were highly motivated.

Good motivational speakers are black belts at getting your people back to a higher speed and level of production.

What’s the value of a speaker to you?  Do The Math.

Okay skeptics, this section is for you.  Let’s be conservative and imagine that the right speaker could increase the quality and quantity of your work product by just 2% for one week.    Add up the total value of your current work product.  Now calculate the value of a 2% increase for 7 days.  What is the monetary value of that net change? 

But let’s admit it, a 2% increase is pretty lame.  Do you think a great dose of motivation could push your group up 5%?  10%?  Sure.  And could that motivation last longer than a week?  Do you think we could make the message “stick” for 10 days?  A fortnight?  A month?  Six months? A year?  Heck yeah.   How do these numbers change your math?   Look down:   your calculator is shouting:  You can’t afford NOT to invest in a motivational speaker.****

Motivation and Lasting Change.

Let’s take it one step further to insure that your speaker investment pays:  what plans do you have to follow up on the message your speaker delivers?  My clients ask me to deliver a proven system of follow-up with their organizations to assure that the message lasts.  I use everything from return visits to tele-seminars to customized videos to audio magazine subscriptions to reaffirm and reinforce the message to make sure that what we do has some “sticking” power.

And, if you go back to your math, you’ll notice the monetary value of creating lasting change.  The more “lasting” the change is, the greater value of your investment in your speaker.

Motivational speakers have a (sometimes deserved) bad reputation.  We come in and fire up the group, make them feel like a million dollars, and then leave.  Then before the month is out that feeling is gone.  The net change is zero.  Right?  Wrong.  I have a great answer to this objection.  (Ok, I have three.)

1.  Motivation is like a shower.  Just because you’ve had a shower doesn’t mean you’ll never need another.  Showers are worth it.  And so are motivational speakers.

2.  For organizations serious about creating lasting change, I have a system for follow up to make sure the motivation lasts.  (Sorry, you’ll still need to continue showering.)  

3.  Because we can compute the value of even tiny and short-lived increases in personal motivation – and because even those small changes can result in HUGE financial gains, even poor motivation is a decent investment.  And excellent motivational speakers are an outstanding investment.

Yes, I know your budget is cut.  Yes, I understand that you need to justify your investments more than ever.  Yes, I understand that making your people laugh isn’t important when everybody is focused on your bottom line. But people are your greatest asset.  Your factories work.  Your machines are running.  Better office supplies won’t make a dent.  The best place to find increased profits and economic stability is in your people – and they need motivation. And because lately they’ve been feeling the stress too, they need to laugh.

Motivation + Laughter + A Plan For Lasting Change = Greater Productivity.

I’d love to be the one to help you make a difference.  Let’s talk about how to invest in your people today.  Go to the contact page.

*  Yup, when I say “The right motivational speaker” I mean me. :)
** No, I haven’t been spying on you.   I’ve just read the studies.
***  No, your webcam isn’t on. Don’t worry.   I can’t see you or your calculator (or your jammies.) 

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Brad Montgomery is a very funny motivational speaker who believes that people who enjoy a great quality of (work) life produce a better quality of work-product.   And he shares this message in a laugh-out-loud funny way to organizations across the country and across the world.

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Howdy USDA Farm Service Folks.  I loved being your speaker in South Dakota a short while back. I wanted to check in with you, and made a special video JUST for you.  (Ain’t that special!)

I seem a bit squished in the video… must pushed the wrong button on the video camera.  But hey, it’s easier than going on a diet.

Use the comment form below to tell me what you “took away” from our time together.  Did you have an “Ah Ha” moment?  What was it?  Let me know in the comments below.

Now, pop that corn and check out your video…

Are you interested in booking a really funny motivational speaker? Whether or not you work in South Dakota I’d love to be your guy. Call me. : ) Go to the Contact Form.

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Keynote Speaker, South Dakota Speaker, Fan of the USDA
South Dakota Speaker for the USDA

IBM liked me. A lot. I did an All Managers Meeting in Austin, Texas. They sent me the comments about ibmmy part of their meeting. I’m feelin’ pretty good.   Looking for a comedian speaker?  If IBM is right, you found him. :)

The only thing weird to me was that 95% of my clients ask me to be a funny motivational speaker.  IBM asked me — for this meeting anyway — to hold off on much of my “message” and just make them laugh.  Of course, the client is always right, so I was happy to oblige.

But if I were making the investment, I would have followed my advice and asked me to make them laugh AND tie it in to a meaningful business message.  Yup, in this case I did a little of that.  But it seems to me they would have had a much greater bang-for-the-buck if they would have allowed me to follow my instincts and tie the laughter into their management goals.

Still, the client was happy, so I guess I am too.  (Still, it seems that, even with these nice comments from the evaluations, we left sooooo much on the table.  I’d love to have the same group for a 1/2 day and REALLY help them incorporate levity and humor into their management skills.

Here are the comments, right off the evaluations:

¨     Good meeting. Better than I expected. Comedian was great and had a very timely message.

¨     The comedian was fantastic.

¨     Good comedian. Thanks. Need more gifts to give away though.

¨     The comedian/magician was good, but I think we have more fundamental problems and just looking at our work/life balance problems from a different perspective is not the answer,

¨     All the information was very stimulating and applicable — even the comedian. Best afternoon so far in 2005.

¨     GREAT meeting and extremely good corporate comedian.

¨     the corporate comedian was funny

¨     The corporate comedian should be shared with employees as well as area meetings because those folks could definitely use a laugh as well and try to put some balance back in their daily lives.

¨     While the comedian was funny, I certainly hope that you don’t think simply saying “I feel great!” is going to provide a meaningful change in the corporate climate. I believe that the issues we face with our climate run much deeper than that. I understand that Heather brought up other points as well, but ask any of the managers that attended the key points from the discussion on climate, and I would be willing to wager that the replies would be related to the comedian. The items that Heather mentioned to do are good for improving our climate; however, they do nothing to solve the problem of working people too much (too many hours, for too long). Until that issue can be solved, along with solving the issue of having managers put more focus on helping develop and focus on their teams, I contend that the climate will continue suboptimal.

[Note from Brad:   Think this person has some morale issues? :)

¨     The HR team and managers did a great job organizing the content, flow and agenda. This was especially true with respect to the comedian/magician. His presentation really highlighted several key messages in an understandable manner.

¨     Kudos!!! The meeting was great and I LOVED the comedian!!

¨     The major benefit was the back to basics of management, supported by the message from the corporate comedian. It will be important to continue to push for strong management actions, and to properly evaluate the management (all levels) for how well we perform in this regard.

¨     I think the meeting was a bit long and dragged on too long. I think the comedian was great!

¨     I especially appreciated the message from the corporate comedian. I’m still looking for things in my day (and usually finding them) that fit the “HOW COOL IS THAT?!!!” criteria. It was a good reminder to keep things in perspective.

Thanks IBM. I was thrilled to be part of it.

Are YOU looking for a comedian speaker? Whether you want to use me like IBM (and mostly make ’em laugh) or if you want me to tie it into business as I normally do, I’d love to be your guy! Contact me here.

Brad Montgomery
Comedian Speaker (and so much more!), Texas Speaker, Fan of IBM

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