I’m just back from Fargo, North Dakota where I spoke to some wonderful educators who needed a lift. I had a huge challenge: My goal was to make them laugh (sure), motivate them (oh, yeah) and get them fired up (good). But in addition to all of those more typical motivational speaker assignments, I was hired to create real change. I was to create actionable items for this particular group about how to improve their sense of humor in workplace.

It was a really great experience. My favorite part? I had two favorite parts. The first was watching the group start from a DEAD stop and eventually move to a loud, excited, wiggly group. When they walked in and were told that they couldn’t sit with their friends, they would be doing some sort of interactivity, and generally listen to a “motivational speaker.” (Groan.) But after we made them laugh, did my motivational speech, and generally started to convince them that “this wasn’t going to suck” like they feared, we were off and running. It was cool to see that evolution.

My second favorite part was making CERTAIN that this day of humor and motivation lasted…that it translated into specific to do steps that would actually happen when they went back to work. I facilitated this part of the session…I did very little talking and let them come up with their ideas, their action plan, and their implementation plan. They elected to create a “how cool is that?!” board for each one of their centers…. a place where people could post compliments, good news, good luck, and other positive thoughts.

After the day I hadn’t even had a full cup of coffee and I felt high.

Check out this cool video of the humor in the workplace session here:

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I often use this blog to talk about motivational speakers and humor and…

But in this case, isn’t this cool photo just cool enough to make it
worth the visit.

mona lisa

I mean, come on! This is cool! It’s funny!

Who can get any work done with so many ways to procrastinate!?

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Brad Montgomery
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Here’s a REALLy funny practical joke that could get you fired.

Humor in the workplace? You can count on it if your from a company I recently worked for in Kentucky.

(I’m gonna leave their name off this post, because this idea is a tiny bit.. er …near the edge, if not way past it.)

Ok, so here’s the story: A guy at this Kentucky company orders a gift for his wife, and in order to keep the gift secret from his bride he had the gift sent to work. Then he forgot it about it, and left for a vacation.)

A few days later the gift arrives at work in a plane brown box. This is where the office practical joke comes in.

One of this guy’s co-workers printed up the sign you see. (I thought it was so funny I took a photo of it.)

It reads:

We Help Pump You Up
Self Enlargement Pump

And then it listed an address.
man pump

After attaching this home-made label to the box, they passed it around the office, had some laughs, and left it on the guy’s desk for him to find upon his return.

I think for some people ‘d1 and for some offices ‘d1 this would be WAY past the line. In fact, as funny as I thought it was, I’d recommend that you don’t steal this idea, unless you’re eager to look for a new job.

But for this guy, and this company, and at this time, it was a hilarious and creative practical joke for the office. Because of this creative joke, they bumped their morale, shared some laughs, and cemented their “team.”

Again… don’t do it. It’s a bad idea. But darn! It cracked me up!

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Brad Montgomery
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