This photo just makes me smile. It makes me curioius, and it makes me laugh.

Like all forms of art, this house takes me away from my problems and brings us back “in the moment.” It’s hard to be totally wrapped up in our work, our over-full email inbox, or all of the dirty dishes when focus on such an amazing sight.

Music is the same type of distraction. When I listen to my favorite music (Dave Matthews Band, for now) I’m able to totally be “in the moment.”

BLDGBLOG: The cantilevered void house
What is it? Who knows. Though, as Mervyn Peake describes the buildings of Gormenghast: “Standing immobile throughout the day, these vivid objects, with their fantastic shadows on the wall behind them shifting and elongating hour by hour with the sun’s rotation, exuded a kind of darkness for all their color.” Cantilevered structures self-supported over the void.

Next time you’re looking at art, really look. Not only to enjoy the art, but to allow and enable the art to transport you back to the moment.

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Humorist Keynote Speaker, Art Lover

I mentioned earlier in this blog that I worked in Ohio with Pure Romance.

One of the many things I loved about this job was learning from some of their top consultants in some pre-engagement interviews. (I often call folksleslie zay of pure romance representing my client to better understand the organization, the stresses, the joys, and the problems. If my job is to bring more humor to their workplace, it makes sense that first I need to learn about their … well… workplace.) I was really lucky to call one of their absolute leaders in sales, Leslie Zay.

Leslie is charming in every since of the word, filled with vitality and energy, and is truly funny during her presentations. (Leslie flattered me by sending me a tape of her doing an actual show.) She used humor in the best way possible: she used it to get folks to relax and laugh, sure. But I think best of all she created an atmosphere that made it safe for other people to contribute their own humor. In other words, some of the best and funniest parts of her presentation were when her audience made their own jokes.
Leslie’s genius was her ability to set the tone or vibe that humor was not only allowed but encouraged… and the result was an awesome good time. (Andpure romance from what Leslie told me… it also resulted in a great check at the end of the night.)

What’s my point? Humor is a great tool in business; it’s an excellent tool in sales. If you want to make more money, use humor as a tool.

What’s my other point? You don’t have to be funny to create an environment where humor thrives… you just have to inspire and encourage others to be funny and the humor will follow. (Leslie happens to be very funny, but she is awesome at enabling others to be hilarious.) Thanks Leslie!
Comments? What do you think? (Leave us a comment below.)

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Keynote Speaker, Humor in the Workplace Expert, Fan of Leslie and Pure Romance

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The latest from my new Pure Romance pal, Sandi B. (See her original post here.)

Hi There Brad,

You are awesome! Keep in touch. I got that package that you sent me. Thank you sooooo much. My dad was esatic about it and after I opened it and sent it to him, he had a Doctors appointment, the next day and was handing out the noses. He gave one to his doctor, a female, and she wore it for most of the day. Thank you so much. you really are the greatest.

Much Luv

Sandi B (From Michigan)

Thanks Sandi. You’ve done it again; you’ve made my day. My profound thanks.

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Keynote Speaker, Witness to Humor and Healing, Speechless

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Ok, so if I ever say “I don’t love my job,” just slap me. I’ve gotta be the luckiest guy with the best job in the world.

Check out this amazing email  from a wonderful Michigan woman who was in one of my audiences last year and saw my motivational speaker keynote. When I went back to this organization this year (it was Pure Romance) she approached me and told me the most amazing story about how some of the humor tips we talked about last year had helped her and her family. She wrote it up into an email, and (with her permission) we post her note here.

Brad, You were one of our speakers for our training seminar last weekend. You asked me to send you my story. Well you asked for it so here it is:

Last year I purchased two of your little Share Your Sense Of Humor Kits, the ones with the clown nose and the security tag in it. One for me and one for my dad. He is a funny man just like you. He loved it. Well last October he was diagnosised with small cell lung cancer.

Since then, every time we go to the hospital, regardless of a doctors appointment or a chemo round he is wearing one of your little “gadgets.” To say the least not only is he keeping everyone laughing he is also keeping his attitude as well as his spirits up. Thank you so much! The doctors tell us that he would have not made it this far if he did not have such a great attitude.

Your products have and still are making dealing with terminal cancer a little easier. Thank you again. And if you happen to have any overstocks, I know of quite a few nurses at the hospital that could use your nose’s to make people smile! Thanks again!
—Sandi B. (From Michigan)

What else can I say, besides that I’m blown away and totally flattered. Sandi, you keep on girl! You made my day. (And quite a bit more.) Thanks so much. I’m blown away.

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Keynote Speaker, Humorist, (and… for now)…. Speechless

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Working for NIC in Denver, Colorado (home!) was a hoot!

This eGovernment company really took a chance on me: this conference featured the top dogs at this HUGE web company as well as their best clients. In other words, this was a very important group of people. Bring in the wrong speaker and the consequences would be horrible.

Furthermore, this group meets often, but they had never had a humorist or motivational speaker; and with me they had both. Again… pretty chancy.

Happily, it went great. After a day of high-content learning we took this group and shook them up, tossed ’em around, and made ’em laugh. We put the blood back into their faces, and set the tone for the rest of the day.

My message to NIC? Take yourself less lightly, while taking your job seriously. Enjoy yourself; enjoy your job.

They invested — as so many of my clients are recently — in a HUMOR TOOL KIT for each of their participants, so that each of them would leave with the tools and tips and gag with which to play at work. (I wish you could have seen it…. immediately after my program, with the music blaring, one of the NIC folks was literally tossing these kits to the different folks in the audience. The energy was off the charts. It was a really great moment.)nic chris

Afterwards, my meeting planner, Chris N. told me that we had “really created an awesome buzz.” (And he told me later that the buzz lasted…it’s still going.) I can’t think of a better compliment.

Click this button (and turn up your speakers to HEAR Chris from NIC talk about his experience with me.. pretty cool, huh?)


Ask 1200 women in Cincinnati, Ohio and you might hear a lot of laughter.

I’m just back from doing my motivational speakers thing for a unbelievably fast growing company called Pure Romance. I was flattered… they had a blast at my keynote (and later at the Break Out Seminars.) But no matter how much fun they had, I had at least as much. I had a ball!pure romance

The assignment wasn’t so different from most of my clients: help them lighten up and take themselves less seriously. And along the way make them laugh and laugh hard. What I didn’t expect was just how much fun we would have poking fun at their industry, at their products, and at the whole darn industry.

It started great: They picked me up in this totally cool Pure Romance Hummer. The looks you get when you’re riding in a Hummer that says, “We Put the “O” Back in Romance” are pretty fun…. people don’t really know what to think.pure romance hummer

Then we were off to the keynote where I was lucky enough to follow a panel discussion of their top folks. So the first thing we did was to incorporate the words of THEIR people into my jokes and my message. And then off to stories and jokes about their products and company…. I won’t go into it all, but one of my favorite jokes was about how I managed to get “caught” at the airport security in Colorado with few of their more compromising products in the bag. “They have new ‘no gels onboard’ rule. What’s worse than, as a man, being caught with a lipstick? I’ll tell ya: Having to prove to a bunch of security guys that it isn’t lipstick.” (That joke makes a ton more sense when you realize that Pure Romance sells a lipstick that is anything but make up. :) )

The next day I taught four breakout sessions about adding humor to their sales presentations. These Pure Romance consultants make live presentations 10 to 200 times a year, and were craving methods and techniques by which they could add more fun and entertainment to their parties. So my job was to help them to sell more by using humor as a connection between them and their audience.

This might be the most important point: People tend to connect to people who make them laugh. We tend to trust those with whom we “connect.” Sales presenters who successfully use humor as a tool to “connect” tend to sell more than those who don’t. Use humor; increase your bottom line.

Hey Pure Romance Consultants! What was the one thing YOU took away from our time together? What did you learn that you’ll incorporate into your sales presentations? Leave a comment below.

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Keynote Speaker, Humor Expert and Trainer, Pure Romance Fan

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