Look for the CSP!

Good news and bad news… I got my paperwork today for my renewal of my CSP.

The Certified Speaking Professional is the highest earned designation of the National Speakers Association. It is the meeting planners mark of excellence. In order to earn it, a speaker has to have a long list of happy clients, earned a certain amount of money (which supposedly proves that we’ve done a bunch of work at a pro level) and had our clients back up our professionalism and excellence.

The good news is that it’s an honor; it’s also a royal pain in the butt because of the paperwork.  (The bad news.)
Now I find that I’ll have to go through a re-certification process. Oye.

I’ll do it… it’s worth it. I think my clients appreciate the CSP.. it helps them know we are pros.

But still… oye!

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Speaker, Member of the National Speakers Association, Certified Speaking Professional

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I just got back from… get ready to be jealous… Parsons, Kansas where I was a motivational humorist speaker for the Labette County Medical Center.

For whatever reason, I’ve done a ton of work speaking in the health care world, and was happy to go to Parsons. This was a group of good people.

I met one guy who called that section of rural Kansas “God’s Country.” Like many of the hospital staff there, he was born and bred in SW Kansas. I can tell you this: if that room was representative of the population of SW Kansas, I can see the draw. They were some really great people. Special people.

No wonder folks who grow up there stay; it’s a nice place.

We did a Doctor’s Appreciation event at the (again, get jealous…) Parsons Country Club. It was a beautiful venue, and I gotta say, I was just blown away by the whole event.

If that group of medical and health care professionals had half as good a time as I did, we should be ok.

Thanks so much for having me folks! It was a hoot!

Brad Montgomery
Health Care Motivational Speaker, Kansas Speaker, Fan of Labette County!

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When speaking to Superior Essex at an event in St. Louis, Missouri we were talking about ultra specific ideas we could use humor in our workplace.

I mentioned that one of my favorite ideas is to use humor in my email signature, and mentioned a fake legal disclaimer at the end of one of my signature.

Check this out: the day before one of the guys in the office had received an email from a fellow Superior Essex employee with a mock legal disclaimer. Here it is:

DISCLAIMER: This e-mail, including attachments, is intended for the person(s) to whom it was sent and may contain outrageous claims and bald-faced lies. Unauthorized disclosure, copying or use of this information may result in a can of whoop-ass being opened on you and is prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient, please inform the intended recipient you agree with this message. Thank you.

I think it is hilarious, and proves how easy it is to use humor at work.

Think this email signature is over the top? Think it pushes the envelope too far? I don’t.  I love it.

Check out more about the humor in the workplace seminar I did here.

Brad Montgomery
Missouri Motivational Speaker, Humorist, Fan of Fun Email Signatures

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This note just came in via email… made my day! Turns out this woman bought some of my products, including my audio : Got Mirth? Milking Your Program for All the Humor is is Worth.

Check this out. :)

I want to thank you for the suggestions I gleaned from your audio materials. I gave a keynote speech today at a conference on English as a Second Language teachers in Pennsylvania, and got a very positive response. I followed the tips on connecting with the audience (I was already doing this to some extent, but I really tried to get the participants’ names and use them, meeting some before at lunch and finding out about their concerns… it all added to the presentation.) I also asked for their expertise by asking for examples and elaborations from them, and since it was a group of 120 teachers, some with 40 years of teaching experience, there was a lot of expertise in the room. Afterwards, several people came up to me and thanked me.

They said the presenter they had last year on a similar topic just read the presentation to them.

I didn’t get a lot of belly laughs, but I felt this was a turning
point in my development as a speaker. Tomorrow I’m doing an all day workshop with the same group, and will try to slip in a few jokes inaddition to the ‘lightening up’ I started today.Gratefully,
Jill R, Ph.D.

Thanks Jill. I’m thrilled you found value in my audio.

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Speakers: Humorists and Comedians

Yup, I love my job. But still, I admit it: some jobs are more fun than others, and working for Pure Romance was a blast.

Check out the this photo sent in from one of the Pure Romance at the Ohio training and party.

Thanks Cerissa!

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Speaker, Humorist, Pure Romance Fan

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I don’t do it enough. I’m like the rest of us in that I get too wrapped up in work, too focused on my over–full email inbox, and too freaked about the dishes I should be doing, the lawn that needs mowing, …. you get the drill.

Check out this cool photo of…. ME! skateboardingI’m really proud of something I’m trying to do more lately, play with my kids. Recently my two oldest got interested in skateboarding. Nope, they aren’t that good yet. But they love it.

Well, as bad as they are, I’m worse. I never skateboarded as a kid, and haven’t really had much interest in it.

But when they enrolled in a skateboarding clinic, I tagged along… with my helmet and pads. :) And when I asked the teachers if I could tag along during the lessons, they were psyched… “We’re all good, bro! Skate away!”

So now I’ve been to the skate park with my kids a couple of times, and plan to keep going. They love it. I love it. And we all love that we are doing it together.

What’s the lesson? Playing with the kids accomplishes so many things:
1. When we play we are “in the moment.” How cool is that?!
2. Your kids will love you for playing with them. And you’ll love the connection you create with them through play.
3. It’s fun! It’ll keep you young at heart… and increase your Humor Quotient.

I just plain don’t play enough; none of us do. But this skateboard thing has been a good reminder for me.

So shut down your computer, pick up you toy, or your skates, or your bike, or your…. skateboard, and play.

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Keynote Speaker, Humor in the Workplace Expert, Advocate of Play

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I Never Mind Getting Those Type of Creative Calls

A very nice woman from a school district in North Carolina just called. She wants me to be a motivational speaker for her youth / high school audience but cannot afford my fee. What I love is that she is trying make up the difference between her budget and my fee with a trade: she is week in a beach-front house on the outer banks of North Carolina. (Donated by a generous parent / school board member.)

Can I do it? I’m not sure… but I love that this woman is clever and creative. I love that she is finding a way to meet my fee or speaekers rate and still make the event work for her budget.  And I love the beach! More soon!

Check out my motivational speakers site here.

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Keynote Speaker, Humorist, And Never Afraid to Barter!

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I know this has nothing to do with humor, but my brother in law just put up a high-content blog of his own, and early reports are that it is kicking butt.

Way to go Matthew!

Energy Consultant Blog

Ok, first of all, this has to be a joke. Second, eeeeww… gross! Third, it cracks me up!poop

This photo released by the Capla Kesting Gallery in August 2006 shows a sculpture purportedly cast from 19-week old Suri Cruise’s first bowel movement. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes finally put Hollywood at ease by publishing the first photo of their daughter Suri, four months after her birth, in Vanity Fair magazine’s October issue.

The strikes me as the kind of thing I might do as a joke. I would love to watch the faces of everybody I meet when I show them this bronzed memento. Can you imagine what your mother in law would say? The postman? Best of all, can you image putting on the table in the break-room at work? And then secretly collecting the comments? What a hoot.

It might be a bit pricey, but this type of safe, victimless practical joke just tickles my funny bone.

Learn more about my humor in the workplace keynotes here.

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Keynote Speaker, Humor at Workplace Expert, Fan of Victimless Practical Jokes

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I was recently a motivational speaker for the State of Montana Department of Labor: Unemployment Insurance Division. I had a hoot; it was a great success.Motivational speakers, humorists: brad montgomeory

Check out the original post here.

Laura G. (my client and meeting planner) was gracious enough to leave this flattering audio testimonial. Turn up your speakers, click here, and HEAR what she had to say about my motivational keynote and master of ceremonies work:

Thanks Laura. Montana Rocks. And you rock.

“He had everybody in stitches, and got the message across that it is fun to be at work. … He was the best speaker we’ve had so far. … Well worth the time and effort.” — Laura G.

Click here to learn more about my motivational keynote speech that we did in Montana.

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Keynote Speaker, Humorist, Emcee, and Fan of Montana State Government Workers