I’m back from Missoula, Montana where I got to do my motivational humorist speaker thing for a great group of Montana government employees — the Unemployment Insurance Division.

What a wonderful group of hard-working,  under-appreciated folks! It was fun to work with such a group that was ready to laugh. This group has had a record of fine speakers (most recently corporate comedian Mark Mayfield and motivational humorist Tim Gard) and therefore was totally ready to have a good time.   Besides, they work hard for folks who don’t always say, “thank you” and they really deserve a break.
We spent some time talking about looking at their jobs from a different (and funnier) perspective, and teaching them how to take some of the humor back to their workplace.

Here’s the Reader’s Digest Re-Cap:

1. Find stuff that makes you say, “How Cool Is That?!”
2. Choose to have fun. (Seriously… just decide that you’re gonna do it.)
3. Dare to be a Dork. Take a chance; play! You can’t be stressed about work when you are playing…. give it a shot.

One of the funniest things happened we talked about how I was confused (Ok, I was an idiot!) and got to the site the night before the event in the pitch dark.motivational speakers in montana In the dark, I found a statue of a bear that scared the heck out of me…. and we all laughed about how colorful and festive the bear looks in the daytime.

What’s the point? Humor is everywhere. At work. At home. And in Camp Mak-A-Dream. Need proof? Ask the bear… he is still laughing.

(And yes, we are all still looking for that missing “e”. )

Special Shout Out to UI’s Ben:  You made my day.  Keep on, my man!

Hey Montana UI: What was the one thing that you took away from the program? What is the “ah-ha” you got from our humor?
(Leave a comment below!)

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Keynote Humorist Speaker, Business Comedian, and Huge Fan of Montana UI

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I had a ball with you folks…. I got back late and didn’t have time to post… but come back soon and I’ll post the picture John took of me and the bear, and I’ll write up my thoughts about your awesome group.

(And I leave for a job in Cincinatti early tomorrow.)

Special Shout Out to My New Pal, Ben!   You made my day.  Keep on plugging… you’re one the right path.


More soon…

A good friend, and fellow Colorado magician Danny Archer was just profiled in the Society of American Magician’s magazine.

Danny is a good magician; and he has also invented many tricks for sale to other professional magicians. Besides that… he’s a good guy.

Congrats, Danny.

(Another cool connection: Colorado magician Lindsey Smith wrote the article about Danny. Lindsey also helped to edit my last book, Humor Us: America’s Funniest Humorists On the Power of Laughter.)
Learn More about my work as a corporate magician & speaker here.

Brad Montgomery
Corporate Magician, Stand Up Comedian,, and Fan of Danny Archer

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I’ve been interested in humor and it’s relation to grief and difficult times for a while now.

I recently saw something on public television that just blew me away. It was a documentary on military funerals, and some of the people who help facilitate those ceremonies. (Planners, military guys who do all the fancy 21-gun salutes, grounds keepers, grief councelors, etc.) And lately, because of the war in Iraq, these good folks have been getting more work than they’d like.tomb of the unknown soldier

What really struck me hardest was an interview with one of the top guys who trains the Guard for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Washington, DC. As you probably remember, those guys march in a very prescribed fashion. Everything is exact, including their faces which do NOT flinch. They do not show any emotion. Period.

This guy they interviewed found that being serious seemed habit forming, and that his serious looking face which his friends say make him look mean was just part of him now. And that in order to be more playful (at to appear less serious and mean) he had to make a concious decicion to laugh more, and smile more. In other words, because of his training at work his home attitude required work.
That’s mind blowing. This guy said that acting serious on the outside made him serious on the inside. And for him, the only way to lighten up on the inside was to make sure he was light (smiling, laughing, etc.) on the outside.

What about you? Think you act too serious at work? Are you like this very self-aware soldier and make a careful effort to lighten up more?

If a serious, all-business demeaner is habit forming, do you think the same might be said for a light, playful and carefree attitude? You Betcha.

Need a motivational humorist speaker to visit your company or association? Visit my Official Website here.

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Keynote Speaker, Humor Expert, Student at Humor in Funerals

I have NO idea what this means, but this image cracks me up:

president bush
(If it doesn’t make any sense, click “reload” on your browser and watch the image.) Think President Bush can see the humor in this? How about Alfred E. Newman? What do you think?

Brad Montgomery
Keynote Motivational Speaker, Humor Expert, Political Humor Fan

If you don’t understand any of this post, don’t worry, it won’t affect you. If you do understand… consider it a fair warning. :)


We’ve had some trouble with the (still new) podcast and iTunes. With the help of my friend and fellow professional speaker, Michael Santarcangelo, we think we have it fixed. (Thanks Michael!)

Besides being an computer security expert, Michael is runs an excellent blog and podcast. And he is generous to his friends.

Now, the warning. If you subscribed to this blog w/ my feedburner URL, get ready because that feed might soon give you some “errors.” No sweat, just -resubscribe with the better URL: https://www.bradmontgomery.com///blog/?feed=rss2

Most of you won’t be affected at all. In that case, here’s a knock knock joke:

(I’m kidding… I hate knock knock jokes, and will only put up with them if the joke-teller is younger than ten.

Thanks again.

Brad Montgomery, Blogger, Podcaster, Techie Newbie

Colorado Comedian Josh Blue just won Last Comic Standing.   Why?

Yes he was funny.  Yes he was talented.  Yes his jokes were good.  But the main reason why he beat the others is because he is likable.

All of the comics were funny.  (Ok, some more than others.)  But what Josh has is charm and a huge amount of charisma.  We laughed with him sure;  but we just really liked him and wanted him to win.  And that is his best (of many) assets.

That and the fact that his is knock down funny.:)
I saw him in a Colorado Comedy Club just a few months ago and loved him. It was great to see this guy, who obviously is dripping with charm and talent, pull out the top slot. And it was cool that the winner works totally clean.

Check out this excerpt from Colorado’s newspaper, the Denver Post:

Josh Blue is a different sort of comic-way different At first, you don’t know whether to laugh with him or at him. It’s OK to do both. Josh Blue doesn’t care. Either way is fine with him, as long as you laugh.

Blue is a 27-year-old Denver comic who has cerebral palsy. Or, as he jokes on his website, he’s “the comedian that puts the cerebral in cerebral palsy.”

He tells audiences at the beginning of his act, “I was hoping you’d laugh good and hard tonight. This is my Make a Wish.” Pause as the crowd erupts in laughter. He picks it right up. “If I had another Make a Wish, I would do things a little differently.” Another pause, then he says to an attractive woman in the front row, “It would be you, ma’am.”

Way to Go Josh.

Learn about my work as a corporate comedian here.

Brad Montgomery
Clean Corporate Comedian, Comedian Speaker and Humorist, Fan of Josh Blue

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My wife and I ( and a couple of pals) recently went to the Comedy Works comedy club in Denver, Colorado. We saw what we all agreed were three lame opening stand up comics. My wife was horrified when one stand up comic jumped from telling us about his new baby and his wife to a string of being-with-a-prostitute jokes. (Trust me; the jokes weren’t that funny… and there was no way he could win back my wife with that premise even with the best jokes in the world.) I’m amazed… these entry-level comedians were as blue as could be, but were still not very funny.

(Note to folks who want to know how to become a comedian: clean humor is just as hard as blue humor, but it opens a zillion more doors. As long as you’re investing in the time to learn comedy, you might as well learn comedy that you can use anywhere.)

Writing jokes is hard. Honing a quality comedy set is even harder. Why would new comedians waste time on all of those jokes and premises that prevent them from ever stepping into the corporate comedian or network-TV world? It just baffles me.

Need a clean corporate comedian or comedian speaker to visit your company or association? Visit my Official Website here.

Brad Montgomery
Clean Corporate Comedian, Humor Expert, Pro at Safe Humor

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I got picked up by a fun blog…. Thanks Kids!

But wait! There’s more…
Carnival of the Mundane: The Summer School Edition

As the summer school session drew to a close, I found myself in a classroom of 24 sixth-going-on-seventh graders who had run out of work and were expecting a party. Instead, I gave them each a fresh sheet of paper and asked them to write a paragraph containing at least five sentences that explained to me what they had learned during summer school. Interestingly enough, I discovered that many of them learned how to use a compass rose, how to find a location given its degrees of latitude and longitude, what it means to circumnavigate, that several of them do not like to get up early during their summer vacation, and that middle schools are big (and even a little bit scary).

I just had my FBI quote picked up by a very cool blog and fun carnival. Check it out! Thanks kids!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comTime for the weekly insanity update, where the insane, the bizarre, the ridiculous, and the completely absurd are highlighted for all to see! This has been a week of rare idiocy (as always!). So, if you want to remain sane, the best thing is to poke some fun at the more egregious absurdities.

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Humorists Speakers, Seminar Leader, Fan of Carnivals