Here’s a recent post about my recent speech in California where I worked in San Francisco for the National Speakers Association. I thought he did a great job summarizing a couple of my points… How Cool is that?! Here’s how he wrote it up…

Executive Communications » National Speakers Association Northern California: Laugh Your Ass Off!
Brad Montgomery – Got Mirth? Milking Your Material For All The Humor It’s Worth

Wow! A stand-up comic who started in the business when he was 16, is a magician and he has his own blog! What’s not to like!

Brad took an analytic approach to generating mirth in front of the mike. He spent time putting our fears to rest by sharing some groundrules:
# Expect to bomb – the audience will still love you if they see you try, and who was to know that what you just said was meant to be funny? Get over it, just don’t let them see the fear. Johnny Carson made a career out of bad jokes, one golf swing later, America still loved him.
# Lighten up. Any humor in a business setting lightens up the program. Engage with the audience by recognizing someone in the front row by name and asking them a question or two. It makes it more human.

Brad gave us great tips for livening up business audiences.
# Planting a n obvious question works on many levels. The CEO would love to ask something nonsensical in a serious tone – they have precious few ways to demonstrate they’re an average Joe to the troops.
# Rehearse some lines to deal with predictable failures – the mic and powerpoint will fail (“I guess the mic/bulbs here are supplied by [the competition]”), there will be a cell phone that will ring (“Gee, I didn’t know that 900 numbers now call you back…”).

Let the audience see you are having a good time.


Brad Montgomery, Teacher of Comedy & Humor Technique, Goofball.

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I just got to speak to the Northern California Chapter of the National Speakers Association.

What a blast… you folks flattered me by having me present my GOT MIRTH: MILKING YOUR PRESENTATION FOR ALL THE HUMOR IT IS WORTH program which teaches humor and comedy techniques.

I had a really great time;  thanks guys.
Here is the handout I promised. (Click here.)

I have a favor for those of you who were there at the program in San Francisco: Could you leave me a comment? What was the one (or two) things that made you say, “Ah Ha!” What did you take away from the program that was most helpful?

Thanks again… it was a blast being in California with you.


Brad Montgomery

Speaker, Teacher, and Sometime California Professional Speaker.

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I mean… “BCBS” which is Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas. (In case you don’t know, they are THE largest health insurance provider in Kansas… cool!)
I’m in Topeka, Kansas finishing up a three day job with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas. Lucky me: they wanted a funny motivational speaker and humorist and I got the call.

blue cross blue shield of kansas

I was lucky: this is a really great group of hard-working health insurance folks who have done well and really deserve a laugh… they deserve a funny speaker. I was impressed with the whole organization, from the the All Employees Meeting Team, to the good folks in the audience, to CEO/President Mike Mattox. Thanks guys… it was a blast.

BCBS folks: Here’s the stuff I promised.

Learn about my book and how to get your own humor toys here.

Finally…a favor? What was your “Ah Ha” that you took away from the keynote? What did you learn? How are you doing things differently? Please leave a comment in the link below. I’d love to hear from you.

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Keynote Speaker, Humor In the WorkPlace Expert, Insurance Speaker

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I’m proud of my background as a magician. Although I don’t use my magic skills now as much as I used to, I love being a magician, and I’m proud of being part of a huge history American performing arts… the history of magic.

One of the all time greats was a guy that non-magicians have never heard of: Dai Vernon. Magicians called him “The Professor” and I was pleased to meet him one night when I was working at the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California. The Professor was well known for sitting on a certain sofa and more or less holding court.

When I met him, I think he was well over 90, and wasn’t tracking as well as he would have liked. (That’s my way of saying that I met him, but I’m not sure he met me.) But it was a thrill nevertheless. I have many of his books, And I’ve studied tricks that he helped make famous. And that night… it was totally cool to shake his hand.

What’s my point? I’m not sure I have one, except to say that it is very cool to be part of something that is bigger than myself; it’s cool to be a magician.

Thanks Professor!

Brad Montgomery
Magician, Comedian, Keynote Speaker

Thanks to Magician and Blogger Glenn Bishop for the Dia Vernon Photo

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