Do you see that, or is my medication acting up?
bent house is funny

Can you imagine how fun and funny the owners of this house must be? How great would it to be to have a dinner party in this house? Or perhaps it is an office?

Humor IN the workplace? Funny!

Brad Montgomery
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Need to inspire some humor in your workplace, and can’t afford an architect? :) Check out my keynotes here.

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One of my recent posts just got picked up by a cool blog. Very cool.

Life in a shoe: Carnival of Kid Comedy #6

It’s a fun list of humor and comedy related to kids and children.

Brad Montgomery
Dad, Motivational Keynote Speaker, Humorist.

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This guy is using the barter system to trade a paperclip for a house. (With a gazillion trades in betweeen.) He’s already up to a year’s rent in Phoenix. I’m amazed by his crazy idea. Not only might it actually work, but he is creating an amazing and fun experience for himself. Very cool.
one red paperclip

Learn more about his experience here: one red paperclip
about one red paperclip

My name is Kyle MacDonald and I am making a series of up-trades for bigger or better things up to my goal of a house. I started with one red paperclip on July 12th, 2005.

You can read stories about each trade by clicking on the pictures to the left. I’d suggest starting here.

You can make offers for my current object

I will travel ANYWHERE for the right offer – including Yahk, British Columbia, Canada.

Brad Montgomery
Motivational keynote speaker, Enjoyer of Goofy People, Fan of Barter!

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Cool! I’m working for the FBI (yeah.. the real FBI… Federal Bureau of Investigation) and in order to finalize the contract they are gonna check my background.

Invasion of privacy? Nope… I think it is gonna be an awesome source of humor and jokes.

More soon… (’cause this one’s gonna be fun.)


Brad Montgomery
Motivational Keynote Speaker, Humorist, And Witness Protection Enrollee. (Hey FBI… I’m kidding!”

Are you born with a funny gene? Can you learn to make people laugh? Check out this post from Rory Vaden, a 23 year old Motivational Keynote Speaker from Colorado.

The Dynamics of Discipline by Rory Vaden
Discipline of Humor

True or false: “You are either born funny or you’re not.” – FALSE! This is one of the most disempowering misconceptions among speakers today. As I have started teaching my humor course “No Laughs to Know Laughs – The science and system of adding humor” I have found that the disempowerment extends far beyond speakers into the daily lives of most un-funny people. I am amazed at how badly people want to be funny but how impossible the notion seems to them. Teaching myself to be funny was a very powerful journey, one that will continue everyday for the rest of my life, but what is even more rewarding is how I am watching my students start to feel empowered in their daily lives.

When I actually made the decision that I was going to be a professional speaker for the rest of my life back in December of 2004 I knew that I was going to have to find some way to become funny. I thought to myself “I know I will never be really funny but maybe if I start watching other comedians I will pick up a thing or two.” As I began to watch I quickly realized that while all comedians/speakers have different jokes they nearly all use the same formulas. I became obsessed with comedy, reading every book that was recommended, talking to every funny person I knew, relentlessly watching comedians/speakers, and even taking courses in how to be funnier.

After I tracked about 25 of the most common formulas, I started to understand why people laugh, which is way more important than being able to tell jokes. It finally hit me, humor is a skill! Not a trait! While I certainly believe some people are more predisposed to being funny then others (just like any other skill) it is something that can be learned, improved upon, and even mastered. Humor is a Discipline; and like most Disciplines, it requires Discipline to practice, practice, practice in order to get better. While I am certainly not Jerry Seinfeld, people who come to watch me perform who haven’t seen me in a few years are literally dumbfounded that I am the same person who was completely un-funny just a short time ago.

Good Job Rory!

Brad Montgomery
Humorist, Motivational Keynote Speaker, Teacher of Humor

Oooh. Somebody got yelled at after this goof:

tippy funny plane

A Varig airlines cargo plane from Brazil sits parked at the Mexico City airport with its nose up in the air after the cargo was unevenly distributed on Wednesday April 12, 2006.

All I could think of is how FUN it would be to be at the airport and see it live! Wouldn’t that change your business trip if you looked out the window waiting for your delayed flight out of San Diego, California and saw that? No matter how bad YOUR business trip was, there is no way that looking at this goof couldn’t help but make you feel like your life was a tiny bit better. Besides, it is funny as heck.

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Keynote Speaker, Business Traveler, Fun Seeker

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If you should be working, but are needing some serious procrastination, you’ll love this optical illusion.
optical illusions:  circle

Stare at the middle… eventually a green MOVING dot will appear. Eventually the red dots will vanish.

What’s it mean? No idea. But sometimes I think having fun for fun’s sake is plenty.

More Optical Illusions

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Keynote Speaker, Optical Illusion Fan, Office Procrastinator

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Cordes & Company

I couldn’t help but show another example of how this company (Cordes & Company) exibits their awesome corporate sense of humor on their website in their company bios.

Look at another sample:

Layne is the second to newest member of our staff. Ed demanded, which he is apt to do on occassion, that we put something on the website right away about Layne. But we don’t know much about her so we decided to make something up. She is a former Miss America from the lovely state of North Carolina…..however she was dethroned due to her posing for …… She has super powers just like Wonder Women and can bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan….If we ever figure who she truly is we will let you know….in the meantime we really kind of like the story.

I think this type of stuff makes the company look like total pros… only a company who can actually deliver can poke fun at itself. Right?

What do you think? Does this make them look like pros or total amateurs?

Brad Montgomery
Humor in the Workplace Expert, Speaker, Comedian, Goofball

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I spoke with a client today who wants me do BOTH their after-dinner banquet entertainment, and then stay and do the closing motivational humor keynote.

It was funny… I found myself giving her a short course on something she already knew: that using a single speaker to fulfill more than one of the conference’s needs makes sense. It saves money. And it creates a really special bond between that the audience and that speaker.

Let me explain: First of all, for this particular group, I’ll be offer to give them a huge break on the second program. (After all, I’ll already be there, and it easy to give that sort of discount.) Second, It is really fun to make points the night before, and then be able to follow up on them the following day. It’s fun for me; and it’s awesome for the audience… those sort of references (which comedians call ‘call-backs’) are really funny.

Finally… and this point is more subtle… because the second time I am in front of the audience, they have already come to know and trust me. They have already accepted that I’m funny, that I don’t embarrass folks, and that I apparently know what I’m talking about. (Ha!) Because our “relationship” is already there, I can get started with the message and point of the program right away. Because I don’t have to spend the first few minutes getting the audience to trust and accept me, we can get right to the meat. In other words, because the audience already knows me from our first program, the second program is much valuable than it would have been otherwise.

Two programs in one convention with the same speaker? You bet! Saves money. Creates a special type of humor. And in the end creates more value.

Think your convention could use the same speaker in more than one “slot?” Check out my topics here!

Brad Montgomery
Speaker, Humorist, Keynoter

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I was on a plane to Houston, Texas with my family. I pointed out to my seven-year-old Ben that the airline safety video was about to start.

Instant excitement was born on his face. “Sweet! I love that video!”

Now that’s funny. What does it mean?

-That Ben loves any television… (And I mean ANY television) and apparently has no taste at all.


-That maybe the video is good. And I, as an adult, dismissed it before I gave it a fair chance.

What’s your guess?

More of my family here

Brad Montgomery
Dad, Motivational Keynote Speaker, Frequent Flyer

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